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Kitchen bins for for use in pan drawers

Kitchen bins for for use in pan drawers

Bringing you a new way to integrate a recycling bin into your kitchen layout.

Finding the space for a bin in a practical, ergonomic position where you most need it can be a challenge but we’re here to help!

We're always looking for new ways to help you incorporate recycling and waste sorting into your household, so we're delighted to extend our already wide range of built-in bins with a new integrated format.

Inspired by the trend for wide, deep pan drawers, our latest products are sleek and streamlined in-drawer waste and recycling systems from Swiss manufacturer Peka, the latest brand to join the Binopolis portfolio of the highest quality, design-led integrated bins on the market. 

The Peka systems can be used within your existing drawer space with your own drawer front. Alternatively, if you’d like to install a drawer in an existing cabinet, we can supply a suitable soft-close drawer unit for you to use with your own cabinet door. 

Many pan drawers are found in under-sink cabinets and the Peka bins can potentially fit below sink installations: please check the height available below your plumbing and U-bend

The range is divided into bin systems for 900mm and 600mm drawers:

Bins for 900mm drawers:

One of the star products in the new range is the the Peka Oko Recycling 74L System containing one 40L and two 17L bins, leaves the rest of the drawer width free for your own storage. An added feature are the cabinet-wide fixed steel lids which cover the entire 900mm system and are strong enough to use as shelves for extra storage, giving you even further storage space in your cabinet.

Bins for 600mm drawers:

For 600mm-wide drawers the Peka Oko Recycling 57L System comes with one 40L and one 17L bin an a sliding lid which is tray-shaped to hold cleaning materials, the back of which can be removed so that the lid can potentially fit below sink installations.

The Peka bins are designed to look discreet and timeless in anthracite grey, with heavy duty, dishwasher-proof plastic bins combined with frames and lids in powder-coated stainless steel. Even the compost caddy looks good enough to keep out on the worktop.

Peka have been combining Swiss quality with design innovation since 1964, creating user-friendly, space-saving kitchen products built to the highest standard, with all parts made at their own factory in Switzerland.

Their research shows that bins can be used on average over 30 times a day, making them one of the most frequently-used pieces of kitchen equipment. A well-designed bin that is tailored to your needs makes it much easier to work and clean in the kitchen

Our final new addition from Peka is a typically innovative design this time to make great use of hinged door cabinets of 500-600mm. The Mullboy Big 40L in-cupboard, swing-out bin, designed to fit to the door and swing out for easy access when the cabinet door is opened. Like all Peka products within the Binopolis range, it comes with free, next-day delivery and a manufacturer’s guarantee for the lifetime of the cabinet. 

See the new Peka range here and if you'd like to find out any more details or if you need to order a drawer mechanism and base with your Peka bin system, just give us a call or drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.