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Cool, modern, happy...introducing the Brabantia flatback range of kitchen bins

Cool, modern, happy...introducing the Brabantia flatback range of kitchen bins

Geraldine Tan is an award winning design blogger and stylist who has featured our new Brabantia Mineral Pink Flatback bin on her interiors and lifestyle blog, Little Big Bell. As fans of Geraldine’s blog, we were familiar with her passion for colour and had a strong suspicion that when she saw the new Mineral Pink colourway, it would be love at first sight, and we weren’t mistaken! In fact, she’s so taken with it that she’s considering buying a second one for her study! 

We caught up with Geraldine and asked her to explain what makes her new Binopolis bin so special and to share some of her top interiors tips…

If you were to sum up our 30-litre pink Brabantia Flatback Pedal bin in five words, what would you say?

“Cute, cool, modern, happy and functional.”

What is your favourite feature of the bin?

“I love its smooth and silent opening and closing mechanism.”

How does it compare to your previous bin?

“My previous bin was a touch open bin, so I like the fact that this is a pedal, hands-free bin, making food preparation and handling more hygienic. Also, my previous bin was just plain silver and black but this one is perfect, in my favourite colour pink.”

Did you find it was less of a space hogger compared to many other bins due to its flatback design?

“Yes, I love how it fits so neatly against the wall.”

Pastel pink is a popular interiors trend for 2016. How easy did you find it to incorporate into your existing kitchen style?

“My kitchen is all white, so introducing pink into the equation was easy to do. Many of my dinnerware and kitchen accessories are in pastel tones, so this compliments them well.”

Have you added more pops of colour to your kitchen space since receiving the bin?

“I am a lover of colour and since receiving my pink bin I have bought more Spring flowers in pastel hues for the kitchen.”

Were you surprised that pastel pink worked so well in your kitchen?

“No I wasn't surprised at all. I've always wanted a pink bin and knew this would fit in well in my space.”

Most kitchens typically feature neutral cabinetry. What advice would you give someone considering adding a pop of colour to their space? 

“Just go for it. Start with small kitchen accessories like a colourful coffee maker or a bin, like my pink Brabantia one. Gradually add and edit from the kitchen cupboards. The easiest and fastest way to add a pop of colour that cheers is to have fresh flowers in a vase.”

Do you think colour is important in the kitchen?

“I think colour plays an important part in all aspects of our lives.”

How long have you been running your own lifestyle blog? Have you always been interested in interiors?

“I've been running the blog for four years now and absolutely love it. It is a true passion and I always look forward to unwinding by blogging after a busy day at the hospital, where I work as a doctor. I’ve always loved decorating, I can remember as far back as to my childhood, where I would constantly be shifting furniture and redecorating shelves at home.”

How would you describe your own interiors style?

“Bright, modern, colourful and happy.”

At Binopolis we really believe that bins can be beautiful and as everyone needs a bin, why shouldn't it look great? See Geraldine's feature for more of her beautiful images showing how great the Mineral Pink Flatback bin looks in her kitchen, at Her fantastic blog is where she shares her everyday inspirations and the trends or talents that have caught her eye. It's full of inspiring ideas on using colour and arranging and styling favourite pieces, both old and new, to create fresh new spaces at home. Well worth a look, and if you're inspired by her style, follow her on Instagram at