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Need a large capacity, smart looking kitchen recycling bin?

Need a large capacity, smart looking kitchen recycling bin?

The new Simplehuman 58L Dual Recycler could be just what you’re looking for. Hidden inside its smart, gleaming stainless steel exterior is a generous 58L of capacity in a dual bucket arrangement which you won’t find in any other twin compartment bin.

Binopolis is one of the first retailers to sell this new bin, and we’re bringing it to you with free next day delivery with timed arrival slots (on weekdays) as part of our usual great customer service.

Although the CW2025 is a similar overall size to the other larger Simplehuman bins, there is a clever development on the inside of this bin which gives you extra space for your waste and recycling.

On one side is a 24 litre bucket with a handle for easy lifting and disposal, perfect for your recyclables. The bucket itself is made from recycled plastic which in itself demonstrates the neat and worthwhile circle of creating new plastic products from recycling used material.

The other side of the bin has a built-in liner dispenser that stores bags right where you need them. Simply pull out a liner and fit it around the top of the compartment, so it takes the place of a separate inner bucket. This means that the liner becomes an integral part of the bin and achieves maximum capacity in that side of the bin.

The liner pocket makes the task of changing liners fast and convenient. It works like this: you put one pack of liners into the holder at the back, then lift the steel ‘liner rim’ and lid, pull a liner through from inside the bin, put it around the bin edge and secure it with the deep liner rim which keeps the liner hidden from view.

As well as the great capacity and flexible compartments inside this new bin, the design features on the outside are typical of Simplehuman’s approach to creating a distinctive look and excellent functionality in their products.

We love the rounded profile of the corners on the liner rim which is echoed in the pedal shape. This feature gives the bin the look of a high-end kitchen appliance and means that it blends right in alongside chic cabinets and fittings.

We think the bold and handsome design works equally well in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. This styling also gives the bins a look that is less like a bin and more like a piece of furniture. See how it blends into these contrasting interiors:


We can also see this strongly built and large capacity design working well in smart offices, where it would look great and cope with the demands of a busy workplace every day. Much better than the usual plastic office bins, many of our commercial customers love their Simplehuman recycling bins particularly if they’ve fitted smart new spaces for their staff and clients, and don’t want to ruin the look with ugly bins! 

Even though this is a large bin it won’t get bin your way: you can place it close to the wall or island unit and the lid won’t hit the wall thanks to the internal hinge. The vertical ‘liner rim’ looks at a glance like the edge of the lid, but when you press the pedal just the slim, neat lid opens while the liner rim stays in position to hold and cover the liner. The lid is silent and soft-closing, a plus point for homes and offices.

The wide pedal is extra-durable and as usual for Simplehuman it’s designed to withstand years of use: 150,000 steps to be exact. That's more than 20 steps a day for 20 years.

We’re excited to be the first independent retailer to sell the CW2025 in the UK, because we think it’s a great-looking design which will give our customers lots of space and scope to deal with their recycling in one convenient unit. A stylish and efficient product, brought to you with the added bonus of the best delivery available at the moment. 

If this brilliant new Simplehuman CW2025 dual recycling bin is just what you’re looking for, buy it here!