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Our extensive selection of Wesco Pullboy-Z bins enable you to free up floor space in your kitchen and are relatively easy to retro-fit into existing kitchens (although some DIY skill is required) or incorporated into new kitchens as they are built.

These bins are designed for pull-out doors and all you have to provide is the cabinet and the door front.

In accordance with industry practice the main price of the Wesco Pullboy-Z bins is shown without the cost of the Tandembox which is an essential component for the bin to function, although we do show the full price within the product summary. Some of our trade customers also find it helpful to just buy the bin unit as they have their own supply of drawer fittings.

The Blum Tandembox incorporates smooth running soft close runners making it quiet and easy to open and close your cabinet door.

The choice of Pullboy-Z bins covers product to fit cabinets from 300mm to 600mm wide and provides capacity from 20 to 84 Litres with bins having 2, 3 or 4 compartments helping to make it easy to separate waste and recycling in the home.