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2 Bin sets

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Our 2 bin recycling sets are designed to provide the additional recycling and waste management resources required in larger households, offices and commercial premises.  Combining two co-ordinating bins enables you to create 3 or 4 way recycling systems and this section shows suggestions with capacities from 80 Litres to 100 litres.

Using quality products from Simplehuman, EKO and Wesco we have created some suggestions in this section but we are happy to help customers put different combination together to meet specific needs. 

In addition to the selections shown here we have put some exciting colour combinations together for customers using our Wesco Pushboy and Push Two ranges to make it easy for their staff and / or family members to separate out different kinds of recycling and waste. Two bins, one in Lime Green and one in Lemon Yellow, for example, provide a great way to signify different kinds of waste.

Our recycling sets are created from products within the same ranges so they complement each other perfectly being the same shape and height.