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Designed for living

Brabantia is a globally trusted and renowned interior design brand with one key aim: to bring you beautifully designed products that are a pleasure to use, look fantastic and are built to last in top quality materials. Brabantia bins are 'designed  for living' and here at Binopolis we bring you their top Recycling bins, very latest colours and brilliant new space-saving designs. 

We particularly love the innovative Brabantia Bo models, designed to look like a smart piece of furniture but neatly concealing large capacity bins. And the latest New Icon round pedal bins,Touch lid bins and Flatback designs are continually evolving to include improved opening methods and both on-trend and classic colours.

This continuing design innovation is typical of Brabantia's approach. Founded in 1919, they were early pioneers of using recycled materials and many of their current bins have won prestigious Cradle to Cradle awards recognising the use of recycled steel and sustainable processes in their manufacture.

So it's a given that the Brabantia recycling and single compartment bins which we stock are among the most space efficient, cleverly designed kitchen and office bins we know. To see our range of beautiful, sustainable and functional Brabantia bins, click the button below.

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