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Damaged or Faulty Products


We only sell brand new products which leave us in the manufacturers' packaging. In rare instances products may arrive in less than the perfect condition we would like and you would expect - often due to damage in transit. Should this happen let us know and we will sort things out. 

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

We work very closely with our suppliers and carriers to minimise potential damage to products during transit.  However, accidents do occasionally happen.  If the outer packaging should be damaged on delivery, please advise the courier you want to sign for it as ‘damaged’.

Please check your order within 24 hours of delivery to verify that you have the complete order and no damage has been incurred to the product in transit.

In the rare event that you find your product has been damaged in transit, please reply to your order or delivery confirmation email outlining the problem and attach photos of the damage to the product and also of the boxes in which it was delivered (whether damaged or not). Alternatively, contact our Customer Services Team at

I think I have a faulty product?

We only sell products from quality manufacturers and as a result faults and defects are rare but we will resolve issues with manufacturing faults:

If you do receive an item which you think is faulty, or if the fault becomes apparent when you start using the product, please email as soon as possible so that we assess the problem. 

Please include photos or video so that we can see the issue and ascertain if there is a fault before taking next steps to return or resolve with replacement parts etc. If the fault becomes apparent during or soon after installation, it is essential that you photograph or video what you think is faulty BEFORE uninstalling the product, so that we can see the issue because in many cases the problem can be resolved and installation successfully completed.