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Vauth-Sagel hands free Envi Kick door opening pedal for built-in kitchen bins 503.VS04.950

Door Opening Systems

Our bins for cabinets with pull-out doors come with runners that allow you to smoothly slide the bin in and out of the kitchen unit. However, you can add a door opening system that turns your regular unit into a hands-free kitchen bin for added convenience.




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VS ENVI Kick Hands-Free Door Opening Pedal

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Libero 3.0 Electronic Sensor Opening System with Optional Alexa Voice Control

Regular price £229.00
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Servo Drive Electric Opening System

Regular price £235.00
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Different Door Opening Systems for Kitchen Bins

We stock door opening systems from top brands, including HailoVauth-Sagel and Blum, to offer you a range of products, ensuring you can find the right system that makes sense for your kitchen.

Foot Pedal Opening Systems for Kitchen Bins

One option is to install a food pedal opening system along with your integrated bin. This will mean you can simply press down on the pedal to release a spring-loaded plate that pushes the door, opening it hands-free. The door can then be closed again with a gentle push. The pedal is compatible with all pull-out door bin models, as long as you have a minimum plinth height of 70mm.

Electronic Opening for Kitchen Bins

You also have the choice of two electronic opening systems that will give you a seamless hands-free experience. The Hailo Libero system is compatible with all pull-out door bin models, whereas the Blum Servo-Drive system is compatible with Wesco Pullboy Z bins only.

Please check that your cabinet and plinth have the correct minimum dimensions – see the individual product pages for more details.

Our electronic system can be used in a choice of two ways:

  • Gently pushing on the cabinet door (Blum Servo-Drive only)
  • Infra-red sensors that pick up foot movement or
  • Voice commands when connected to an Alexa system (Hailo Libero)

The Benefits of Hands-Free Kitchen Bins

Door opening systems like these are the ideal solution for those that want to embrace a sleek, modern kitchen design. These systems, along with whole in-cupboard kitchen bin units, can be fitted into new kitchens as well as retrofitted into an existing space.

Bins with additional opening systems can also be more accessible for people of all abilities, especially if you have a larger capacity bin and unit that some may find difficult to open.

For more information about integrated bins, head over to our buying guide to in-cupboard kitchen bins.

And if you’re not sure which product is right for you, please contact the Binopolis team – we’re always happy to advise and discuss all things bins!

It should be noted that not every opening system we offer will be compatible with all bin models.