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Buying Guide to Bin Sizes

What size of bin do I need? This is a question our customers often ask and it’s a very difficult question to answer!

The best starting point is identifying how much waste your household generates and how frequently you empty your kitchen bin. You also need to take into account the type of recycling scheme you have in place (if you have one) – and also the frequency of your waste collection!

Most Councils have now equipped their householders with wheelie bins – usually 240L or 120L in size – and sometimes one of each. (A 240L wheelie bin is typically measures 100cm high and 55cm square; a 120L version is again 100cm high but 40cm square.) Traditional dustbins are typically around 100L.

If you fill a 240L wheelie bin each week then you are generating around 30L of waste a day – with probably 20L or so of this generated in the kitchen. If you empty your kitchen bin every 2-3 days then you need a bin that will take around 40-50L of waste.

If you half fill a 240L wheelie bin or fill one 120L bin each week then you generating around 10-15L of kitchen waste a day – and emptying your bin every couple of days means you need a 20-30L bin.

If this sounds a lot remember a 4 pint plastic milk carton is just over 2 litres, a 2 pint one over 1litre.

If you have a doubt about the size of bin you need our recommendation is to go bigger rather than smaller – you’ll be surprised how quickly you will fill it!

As a general guide:

15-30 Litres - Great for small households (1-2 people) or for small spaces

30-40 Litres - Suitable for small households (1-3 people) that generate little waste or empty their bin frequently

40-50 Litres - Great for families (2-4 people) or those that don't want to empty their bins too often

50+ Litres - Our most popular size - suitable for larger families (3+), those that create a lot of waste or don't want to empty their bins too often.

Recycling Bins

Many Councils now ask residents to separate their waste – and every council seems to have a different scheme. Our Recycling Bins help you to sort your waste in your kitchen/utility before taking it outside.

Most customers find either a 50:50 or a 60:40 split most helpful for recycling. Many of our Recycling Bins follow this pattern from our smallest bin with 2 x11L compartments to our mid-sized bins which have splits such as 30L & 16L or 24L & 24L and our largest freestanding recyclers have 24 & 34L compartments and 2 x 30L compartments.

Our Joseph Joseph recyclers have 3 or 4 compartments from 17L to 34L with an overall capacity of 58L or 60L depending on model. If you need more capacity still then take a look at our Recycling Sets which go up to 120L.

We also have In-Cupboard Recyclers that hide-away in one of your kitchen units taking from 20L up to 85L of recycling waste in 2, 3 or 4 compartments depending on model and cabinet size.