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Bins for 300mm Wide Hinged Doors

Our In-cupboard kitchen bins for cabinets with 300mm wide hinged doors free up floor space and are easy to retro-fit into existing kitchens or incorporated into new kitchens as they are built.

Our Wesco, Hailo & Gollinucci products for this size of cabinet are some of the highest quality built in-cupboard bins available. 

To find the right integrated bin for your kitchen take some key measurements starting with the door width and the internal depth, width and height.  Use our ‘Quick Product Finder’ to find the products that fit your width of door and then based on depth and height select the product you require. There is a wide range of different capacities available from 26 Litres up to 40 Litres and options for 1, 2 or 3 compartments.  

Any bin from our rrange of bin for cabinets with 300mm wide hinged doors will fit in a 400,450, 500 or 600mm wide hinged door cabinet with a little room to spare, subject to available depth and height. 

The bins in this section for cabinets with 300mm wide hinged doors fix to the base of the cabinet and are easy to fit, usually only requiring 4 or 6 screws. 

Our ‘Buying Guide to In-Cupboard Bins’ provides some useful tips and if you need more advice just call us on 023 8097 0230 or Email: [email protected]. We’re happy to help.