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Kitchen Bins For 600-1200mm wide Pan Drawers

Our in-cupboard bins for pan drawers are a modern way to optimise space, organise kitchen waste, and add style. These bins can be installed into your existing pan drawer or integrated during the design or construction of a new kitchen, fitting into a new pan drawer.

Pan-drawers have become increasingly popular in modern kitchens and tend to be wide and low in height. Our products fit drawers from 600mm wide up to 1200mm wide (when measured across the drawer front) and all incorporate waste and recycling options, making it easy to segregate your rubbish.

In Cupboard Bins for Pan Drawers

We offer an extensive range of kitchen bins for pan drawers from leading brands such as Wesco, Tecnoinox and Gollinucci in cupboard bins. This range is filled with handpicked products that are always crafted from premium materials for the highest quality.

The models are designed with a base tray and a series of bin containers with lids, which sit inside the tray. This means that the bin contents are kept covered and the tray keeps the bins in place and is easy to clean.

Wesco and Gollinucci pan drawer models have a strong plastic base tray, designed to be cut to size to fit the drawer width - see the parameters on each product page. Tecnoinox pan drawer models have an aluminium base tray: please check the width against your internal drawer width and depth.

What Size Bin is Right for a Pan Drawer?

To find the right size of integrated bin for your pan drawer, first, take some key measurements:

  • The width and height of the drawer front.
  • The drawer’s internal depth, width and height.

Each product for pan drawers will generally fit into drawers that are 210-300mm high with a depth of 400-490mm. Specific points to check are that the width and depth of the base tray will fit your drawer, and that the height of the bin unit will sit below the height of the drawer front. The capacities vary from 29 litres up to 99 litres across 2-5 compartments. Detailed descriptions and measurements are provided under every product to ensure that you find the right in-cupboard bin for your drawer.

Our Buying Guide to In-Cupboard Bins provides some useful tips, and if you need more advice, just call us on 023 8097 0230 or Email: [email protected] We’re always happy to help.