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Introducing Gollinucci Linea in-cupboard bins

Introducing Gollinucci Linea in-cupboard bins

Gollinucci have designed and manufactured every element of their products in-house for 45 years, at their plant in Cesena, south of Ravenna in Northern Italy. They commission well-known Italian designers to create good-looking, functional and easy-to-use kitchen accessories. The aim is to design long-lasting products with a touch of Italian style and they’ve certainly achieved this with their Linea range of in-cupboard bins which have some very special features, already being appreciated by our customers:

Gollinucci Linea bins - key features:

  1. Great capacity
  2. Easy-to-accommodate fitting depths
  3. Clear fitting with template
  4. Lids for containers included as standard
  5. Available with or without overall shelf
  6. Sleek soft-close runners
  7. Easy to clean finishes in stylish slate grey

Slimline side panel design means great capacity without taking up more depth

These special features are created through design innovation and effective, precise manufacturing. In particular, the side runners on the Gollinucci Linea range are robust and perform beautifully but importantly have a special slimline profile. This means that the side mechanisms of the bin units are slimmer, which in turn allows the bin containers to be wider and therefore greater capacity.

The Linea model for a 400mm wide cabinet, for example, is the only quality in-cupboard bin we have found with soft-close functionality combined with two equal sized, large 29 litre bin containers (most other models for a 400mm unit have one large and one smaller container).

The 500mm Linea model has two 40 litre bin containers, and this great capacity is again made possible because of the slimline side panels. At 80 litres, this model has the largest capacity of our 500mm models.

These large capacities are made even more appealing because the 460mm internal fitting depth of our Gollinucci Linea models  for 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm wide doors can be accommodated in most cabinets. (note the model for 300mm doors requires a fitting depth of 503mm). Please check your internal depth and allow for services etc. With many other bin models, greater capacity usually means greater fitting depth, but Gollinucci have designed the Linea range so that the bin containers use the additional width within the bin unit instead of taking up depth to achieve increased capacity.

Undercover: individual container lids and overall shelf

The Linea bins sold by Binopolis come complete with a lid for each bin container. The lids have a central handle-hold for easy lifting, and because they provide an extra barrier against odours, many customers with an open-plan kitchen or a dining kitchen find it’s helpful to cover the containers in this way.

These lids sit flush with the top of the container so the bin unit can still slide below a top shelf or drawer if needed. We offer the Linea bins in a choice of formats: either as standard with the two individual container lids (see the images above at bottom centre and right), or with a cabinet-wide shelf above the bins (all top images plus bottom left). This overall shelf is made in plastic to match the bin containers and is strong enough for extra storage of liners, papers etc. The shelf is fitted just above the bins and so even if you leave the individual container lids off, the overall shelf still provides an effective barrier to control odours.

Gollinucci’s green credentials

The factory has been running its own photovoltaic and cogeneration power stations since 2009, giving full energy independence to the company. They re-use all polypropylene production waste transforming it into a new usable raw material for further production. Gollinucci also give particular consideration to materials and design to reduce the environmental impact when products reach their end-of-life.

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