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Introducing our new range of Blanco in-cupboard kitchen bins

Introducing our new range of Blanco in-cupboard kitchen bins

Blanco bins can be a great option for fitting into tight spaces with several models suitable for under sink locations

Blanco are famous for their sleek, premium quality sinks but did you know they also produce equally beautiful bins? Blanco kitchen bins are designed with fitting under sinks in mind, so if you have a cabinet below  a sink or with limited height and depth, a Blanco bin could be the perfect solution to hide away your recycling and waste for a neat finish in your kitchen.

The Blanco Select range of pull-out door bins has received a Red Dot Design Award in addition to being the only RIBA accredited integrated bins on the market. These design and quality accolades recognise the attention to detail in the finishing and the clever use of space which Blanco’s designers have achieved in their bin models.

By making the unique runners slim and integrated into the side panels, this has allowed the bin units to incorporate inner bin containers which are generous in size for a compact built-in bin. The handles on the inner bins are angled to create a neat edging and avoid gaps between the bins, which also stops waste falling in between. The steel lid covers the bins when the cabinet is closed and acts as an extra storage shelf for further clever use of space.

The Blanco range brings to our selection new bin designs which have unique configurations, including the only bin which uses the width of a 600mm hinged door cabinet, and at 361mm the lowest height bins available for pull-out door cabinets.

The range divides into products of three types:

Blanco Select

The Select bins are for cabinets with pull-out doors, and have integrated soft-close runners which give you smooth and quiet operation. The bin unit attaches to the cabinet door and the bins glide out with the door for easy access to your recycling and waste. 

For 600mm cabinets the Select 60/3 has three equal-sized 15 litre compartments. and the Select 60/2 has one 30 L and one 19 L compartment. There is also a very low and short model, the 34L Select Compact which will fit under most sinks. For a 500mm cabinet the Select 50/2 has two 19L compartments.

Blanco Select Orga

The Select Orga bin for a 600mm cabinet comes complete with a unique Organisation drawer which acts as a lid and extra storage space on top of the bin unit below. This bin represents the ultimate in making the most of the space under a sink, as the drawer is shaped to fit around the U-bend on Blanco sinks and may also fit around other neat U-bends, or simply provide another level of storage in any cabinet.

The drawer is fitted on its own steel runners just above the bin, so when the cabinet door is opened and the bins slide out, the drawer can be pulled out independently for easy access. The drawer comes with three separate removable containers, one across the width of the drawer at the front, and two square ones at the back. Bin liners, cleaning materials, all sorts of household items can be stored in the drawer to make effective use of what is normally empty space around plumbing.

Organisation of the space in your cabinets is the key to the neat, uncluttered kitchen look and Blanco’s premium Orga bin give you not only inner bins for recycling and waste, but also a top drawer to fit in even more accessible storage.

Blanco Bins for Hinged door cabinets

These are smart bins for cabinets with hinged doors, and at 361mm high and 400mm deep are a great solution if you have limited height and/or depth for an in-cupboard bin. Open the cabinet door and then pull out the front panel of the bin unit, for full access to the inner bins. They then slide back in under the strong integrated lid which you can use as an extra storage shelf.

The inner compartments have strong handles which are indented into the thick plastic sides of the bins (instead of projecting at the sides), and this means that the largest possible bin capacity can be fitted into the unit.

So for a 600mm hinged door cabinet there is the Pro 60/3, which has three 13L compartments, and for a 450mm or 500mm cabinet the Pro Manual 45/2 has two 13L compartments.

Because the Pro hinged door bins fit simply to the cabinet base, they can be used in wider cabinets and positioned either centrally or to one side. They can often fit in front of pipework, columns or other obstructions where other bins would be too deep. One idea is to fit a Pro 60/3 into an 800mm or 1200mm cabinet, toward one side as bin storage and potentially in combination with a waste disposal etc.

There are 3 more bins for a hinged door cabinet. A classic 20L bin, the Singolo XL, which fits to the side of the cabinet and the door and opens up into the kitchen with the door. There is also a 2 compartment 30L version, that fits cabinets from 300mm wide and upwards.

Completing the Blanco range for Hinged door cabinets is the Singolo, a 14 litre bin which fixes to and swings out with the door. This makes it ideal for easy disposal of small amounts of recycling, and also good for food waste as the inner bucket has a carrying handle and the lid covers the bin when the cabinet is closed. The lid is shaped so that small items can be stored on top. Great use of every last bit of space in a cabinet.

All of the Blanco bins are particularly simple to fit using Blanco’s template-based fitting instructions and excellent fitting videos, which you can view on the product pages for both the hinged and pull-out door models.

Many customers find that the cabinet below their sink is the only space they can allocate to their bin, particularly in a smart city apartment or in any kitchen where the recycling needs to be sorted behind closed doors.

Even if your main recycling bin is a free standing model or a large in cupboard bin taking up most of a different cabinet, Blanco tell us that their bins are used as a ‘Space Management System’ to manage and organise storage of household items in the space below the sink or below drawers. The inner bins are ideal for carrying cleaning or car washing materials, and as a nation of pet lovers they are also great for storing pet food and accessories.