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Read our customer reviews from real customers - warranted by Feefo!

Read our customer reviews from real customers - warranted by Feefo!

No need to make up reviews with service and products as good as ours, although you may have seen the BBC News report and today you may read about the fake customer reviews which can be paid for.

We value our Feefo reviews not just because they let us know when we're doing things right, but also because they highlight areas which we can improve for customers. Through our genuine customer feedback, we've made changes to our delivery systems, replacing a courier company which was letting us and our customers down.

We've also updated product information and added new products, based on what customers have told us.

Feefo itself has issued a statement: Binopolis uses Feefo – the Global Feedback Engine, to generate customer feedback. Feefo is a closed invitation only platform, thus guaranteeing every single review they receive is matched to a genuine customer who has transacted with them.'

We remain committed to providing the best customer experience to every customer and it is through a transparent feedback process that we truly understand what we really do right and, sometimes, wrong. You can be sure that our reviews, because of our relationship with Feefo, are the opinions of genuine customers.

So we're very happy to continue hearing your genuine feedback and comments. The only thing we do ask is to get in touch with us straight away if you want to find out about a delivery or if a product is not what you were expecting. Then we can get straight onto putting things right. For some businesses, their review invitations are the most direct way of raising an issue for their customers, because there is no easily available customer services contact. At Binopolis, we value talking to our customers and are always ready to answer questions, offer advice and sort things out when they're not perfect. 

The Competition and Markets Authority report which exposed the 'trade' in fake reviews has helped all businesses which, like us, treat their customers with honesty and respect. Feefo have been appointed onto the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Committee for Online Reviews, to help establish the first global standards and accreditations in the Online Review space. A welcome development.