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Sensor Bins

Sensor bins offer the perfect waste solution, giving you a hands-free experience to increase hygiene levels and boost convenience.

Made by leading brand Wesco, our sensor bins are stylish and characterful, offering the ideal addition to any modern kitchen.

To find out how to choose the best bin for your space, check out our buying guide to kitchen recycling bins.


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Bins With Sensor Opening Methods

A sensor that controls when your bin opens means you can use it hands-free. Our range of premium design sensor bins use infrared technology, so their lids will open quietly with just a quick wave of your hand.

The lid will close automatically when you are finished dealing with your rubbish.

As you won’t have to directly handle your bin every time you throw something away, a hands-free sensor bin can be more hygienic, reducing your potential contact with germs.

Which Style of Kitchen Bin is Right for Me?

While kitchen recyclers need to be functional first and foremost, there is no reason for them to be an eyesore in your kitchen! Our stylish sensor bins have a sleek, modern design and, with several colours available, you’re sure to find the right shade and finish to match your space.

Need a bit of style inspiration? Check out the best recycling bins to get a sense of the other bin styles available.

If you decide a sensor bin isn’t quite right for you, we also stock products with other opening methods, so you can find your favourite brand and style with the features that meet your requirements.

Take a look at our pedal bins and touch bins to explore all of your options.

What Size Sensor Bin Do I Need?

Our sensor bins come with two generous 20 litre inner buckets, offering plenty of room for the average household.

With the bonus of multiple compartments, you can easily sort waste and recycling, giving you the perfect combination of convenience, functionality and style.

Shop our great range of sensor bins now and find the perfect waste solution for your kitchen. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about a particular product, please get in touch with the Binopolis team.