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Vauth-Sagel In Cupboard Bins


Our extensive selection of in-cupboard kitchen bins from Vauth-Sagel enable you to free up floor space in your kitchen and are easy to retro-fit into existing kitchens or incorporated into new kitchens as they are built.

Our Vauth-Sagel integrated bins include products that fit either cabinets with hinged doors or ones with pull-out doors. In either case all you have to do is supply the cabinet and door front and everything else you need is delivered to your door (although you may need a few screws!).

Our range of Vauth-Sagel kitchen bins fit cabinets with doors from 300mm wide up to 600mm wide in all the standard kitchen cabinet sizes. All their products for pull-out doors use integrated Grass soft-close runners which make opening and closing the doors an easy operation.

The choice of Vauth-Sagel bin units include products designed to fit under sinks (although check your own measurements carefully to ensure they will fit your specific circumstances), under drawers or using the full height of a cabinet.

Many of our Vauth-Sagel bins have 2, 3 or 4 compartments helping to make it easy to separate waste and recycling in the home with capacities varying from 30 Litres to over 90 Litres.