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Vauth-Sagel single compartment ES-Pro 44 Litre in-cupboard kitchen bin in lava grey for 400mm wide cabinet, 476mm deep 503.VS44.341
Vauth-Sagel ES-Pro Single Compartment 44L In-cupboard Bin - Lava Grey: 400mm Door - 476mm Deep

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How do I measure my cabinet for a in-cupboard bin?

When you’re choosing an in-cupboard bin, you’ll first need to establish three key Internal cabinet measurements that’ll indicate which bin you can fit. These are:

  • Internal Width - Interior width of the cabinet carcass, usually 32-38mm less than the door width, but please note this can vary.
  • Internal Height - Consider the max. available height of your cabinet, including any obscurations, eg. a drawer above, pipes.
  • Internal Depth - Consider the max. available depth from the back of the cabinet panel or wall, to the back of the cabinet door. This is important because depth is the dimension which varies most across cabinets and also bin models.

We stock an extensive range of products to fit numerous cabinet sizes, so provided your own measurements are accurate, you should have no problem finding a bin to fit your cupboard and needs.

Can I convert a hinged door cabinet to a pull-out door?

It is often possible to remove a door from its hinges so that it becomes a panel to apply to the front of a bin unit for pull-out doors, or vice versa if you are looking to install a bin for hinged doors. If you have an existing side handle, you can alter the handle position, or create a routing or top groove for pulling out. This will help over many years as pull-out bins are best pulled out from the centre to balance the pressure on each runner.

You can ask your kitchen fitter to see if this will work for your cabinet, or if you are an avid DIY'er, you can do so yourself! Make sure to double check your cabinet dimensions to find the right product for your cabinet.

My cabinet is a non-standard size, what can I do?

Non-standard internal width

The internal width of a cabinet is the key dimension in determining which pull-out bin unit you can fit. If you have a bespoke or unusual internal width, you need to re-create the internal fitting width given for the product, by strongly battening or lining the internal sides to achieve the correct bin fitting width as specified on the product page.

Issues with Internal depth and height

If you have a restricted depth front to back, or lower height, there are many bin options with shorter fitting depths or lower heights. Remember, if it appears that your internal depth is not enough to fit the bin you’re interested in, it can be possible to remove all or part of a back panel in order to free up more depth. 

I have an in-frame cabinet: how do I fit a pull-out bin?

The key dimension here is the width of the ‘exit’ through the frame, which will be the door width. Because the bin unit needs to pull out through the frame, this width will determine the size of the bin unit to fit.

If the internal cabinet width is wider than the width of the frame/door, you will need to line or batten the inside cabinet sides to achieve the correct fitting width for the bin model.

For example, if you have a 600mm base unit with a framed door, you will likely need a bin unit from the section for ‘500mm doors’, because these will fit to an internal width of 462-468mm and therefore should pull out through the frame.

One point to check here is with doors which may have a thinner central panel – if the door has a thicker surround, this needs to be wide enough to accommodate secure fixing of the door brackets.

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