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Can I Put a Bin in a Kitchen Unit?

Can I Put a Bin in a Kitchen Unit?

At first, many people might not realise what great products there are for dealing with their kitchen recycling and waste separation. But when you’re in the market for a new waste solution, it becomes clear just how many options there are – which can lead to a multitude of questions and considerations.

One of these questions being, can you put a waste bin in your kitchen cupboard? The short answer is yes, you certainly can! You’ll see that here at Binopolis, we stock an extensive range of in-cupboard kitchen bins for various cabinets and bin capacities.

An in-cupboard bin is exactly what it says in the name – it is a bin that sits within your kitchen cupboard, which you access simply by opening the cabinet door. You can find out more about the key points to consider when choosing such a bin with our buying guide to in-cupboard kitchen bins.

The Benefits of Integrated Kitchen Bins

But why would you want a bin fitted into your cupboard? There are numerous reasons why an integrated bin might be the perfect option for you, including:

  • Freeing up floor space that freestanding bins take up.
  • Providing a hidden waste solution for a sleek, modern kitchen design.
  • Offering a convenient recycling solution with numerous compartments in one place.

In-cupboard bins can be retrofitted into existing kitchen units or can be planned in at the design stage of new kitchens, meaning, provided you have the cupboard space, any kitchen can benefit from the great features offered by integrated bins.

Check out our guide to establish whether a freestanding or in-cupboard bin is right for you, along with some of the top styles to choose from.

A Tecnoinox 2 Compartment 88L installed in a kitchen island

Where Should You Put Your Kitchen Bin?

If you decide a cupboard is the best place to put a bin in your kitchen, you will need to ensure there’s enough available cupboard space to house a bin that meets your requirements. For this, you’ll need to consider:

  • Internal cabinet width
  • Internal cabinet height
  • Internal cabinet depth
  • Any pipework or other possible obstructions

Each of our products comes with detailed descriptions and accurate dimensions to ensure you can find the correct bin for your space.

There are also several types of cupboard that are compatible with integrated bins, including:

  • Cupboards with pull-out doors
  • Cupboards with hinged doors
  • Under-sink cupboards
  • Pan drawers

This means you can choose from numerous options, tailoring your bin to your space and requirements.

Pull-Out Kitchen Bins

In-cupboard bins for cabinets with pull-out doors are fitted on a set of runners, allowing for super easy access as you pull the unit open and close with a gentle touch. Most of our bins for pull-out doors have soft-close runners which are extra robust with especially light, smooth and quiet operation, and which complete the closing of the door for you

A small number of other pull-out door models have ball-bearing runners which are still highly functional and simply require you to push the door closed.

Our bins for pull-out door cabinets come in various sizes and with numerous compartments, offering the ideal recycling solution as you can efficiently sort between different kinds of waste with easy access to each bucket.

A Wesco Pullboy-Z bin with rubbish in it

You’ll find premium designs from top brands like Hailo, ECO and Vauth-Sagel, with many bins also coming with a handy inner shelf that sits inside the cupboard, so you can store liners or cleaning products in one place. This inner shelf also covers the bins when the cabinet is closed, acting as a baffle to reduce odours.

Some bin units come with lids for individual bin containers, so a smaller container of around 8-12 litres with a lid could be used as a food waste caddy.

The ECO brand is one of our most popular ranges in this style and is available for numerous cabinet sizes along with varying compartments and capacities.

The Vauth-Sagel ES-Pro range is another great example of this style of bin, also coming in various sizes and combining excellent build quality with brilliant design, packing in generous capacity to maximise your waste storage options.

The best integrated pull-out kitchen bins for 600mm-wide cabinets

Kitchen Bins for Hinged Doors

Bins for cabinets with hinged doors are self-contained within a frame that is then fitted into your cabinet floor, allowing you to simply pull out the bin from the cabinet when the door is opened. You’ll also find that some models, like the Peka Mullboy bins which are fixed in part to the inner-cupboard door and will open with the door.

Like our pull-out range, we offer bins suitable for cabinets measuring from 300mm up to 600mm and options for numerous compartments. Bear in mind that because these models for cabinets with hinged doors fix to the cabinet base, they can fit into wider cabinets.

For example, the Wesco Big Bio Double or Hafele 2-compartment recycling bin are an ideal solution for the average household, offering generous waste storage and seamless access. Although they fit to a minimum of a 400mm cabinet, they can be used in 450, 500 or 600 cabinets as they have the largest capacity double bin containers.

A Hafele in-cupboard recycling bin

Kitchen Bins for Pan Drawers

Bins that sit inside wider pan drawers are perfect for those that want to optimise every area of available kitchen space. Here, numerous containers and lids sit within a base tray, ensuring the buckets are secured and covered.

Durable, expert designs from leading brands like Wesco, Tecnoinox and Gollinucci provide a highly-efficient waste solution. Our products for pan drawers fit cabinets from 600mm wide up to 1200mm wide. With numerous compartments and incredibly easy access, sorting and disposing of waste has never been simpler.

The Tecnoinox Tecnobig 5-Compartment 99L recycler is ideal for households that need to sort numerous types of waste and is also equipped with food waste compartments. This range includes an aluminium tray with aluminium brushed lids, giving a premium look and increased durability.

A Tecnobig 5-compartment 99L recycler

Under-Sink In-Cupboard Bins

The cupboard space beneath kitchen sinks can be a useful spot for an in-cupboard bin for many customers as it allows them to make the most of a previously under-utilised space. However, the presence of plumbing in under-sink cupboards can pose some challenges when deciding which bin is best.

Under-sink bins tend to have a lower height and might have a shorter depth which accommodates any pipes. Our under-sink products tend to measure under 450mm and have a depth as little as 325mm. When measuring the space that you have for a bin in an under-sink cupboard, please allow for the U-bend and pipework at the rear – you can check the dimensions of the bin itself on the product page, under ‘Specification’.

For an overview of some of the best models and their specifications, take a look at our guide to kitchen bins for under-sink cabinets.

A Blanco 2 compartment 30L recycling bin

What Size In-Cupboard Bin do I Need?

We have already mentioned you will need to consider cabinet height, width and depth when measuring up for your bin. However, the size you choose will primarily come down to the space available; remember that there is still scope for different compartments and capacities when selecting the right size bin and style.

If possible, we recommend opting for the largest bin you can as this will mean you will have to empty it less frequently and can optimise the available space to ensure your kitchen is running at peak efficiency!

In-Cupboard Bins With Several Compartments

With bins ranging from 14 Litres to 108 Litres and options for bins with between one and five compartments, there are many ways to conveniently sort and store your waste when installing a bin in your kitchen unit.

Having several compartments means you sort rubbish as you throw it away, segregating different types of recycling based on your local recycling regulations. Many of our multi-compartment in-cupboard bins also come with a smaller food waste bin to make your life that bit easier.

If you would like a more in-depth look at bin sizes, capacities and compartments, head over to our buying guide to kitchen bin sizes.

So, the definitive answer is yes, you can put a bin in a kitchen unit, and there are, in fact, numerous roads you can go down, depending on your preferences and requirements. Shop our range of in-cupboard bins now to find the ideal waste solution for your space.

To explore more bin styles and discover our range of other products, read our blogs.

If you still can’t quite find the product for you, please get in touch with the Binopolis team – we are always happy to talk through your options and you help find what you need!