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The Best Kitchen Bins for Under-Sink Cabinets

The Best Kitchen Bins for Under-Sink Cabinets

If you’re looking for ways to maximise your bin storage, making the most of the cabinet space under your sink could be the ideal solution. Putting a bin in your under-sink cupboard means you can store rubbish out of sight while keeping it in a handy, central location that is often underutilised.

As you’ll have to work around pipes and plumbing, bins with a low height and shallow depth are perfect options for these spaces. We have a great range of kitchen bins that fit the bill in this regard, with varying capacity options that have numerous compartments.

Our in-cupboard bins for under-sink installation are also available for pull out and hinged door cabinets, ensuring you can find a product that works for your space, providing a convenient recycling and waste storage solution.

Can I put a bin in a kitchen unit

What Size Bin Do You Need for Under-Sink Cabinets?

Sizing a bin to go under your sink can be more challenging than doing so for regular cupboard spaces. This is because you’ll need to work around plumbing and the limited cupboard depth.

If you’re looking to install a bin in an existing under-sink cupboard, check the available height under the U-bend and the remaining depth in front of any other plumbing to ensure you measure for a shallow enough bin.

If you are planning to incorporate one of our in-cupboard bins for potential under-sink installation into a new kitchen, consider whether the plumbing can be made to work around your chosen model. Sometimes positioning pipework even a centimetre or so higher can make the difference between being able to fit a bin or not.

Our selection of bins that work well in under-sink cupboards tend to be shorter and are typically under 450mm in depth, with options for a depth of as little as 325mm.

Check out our Buying Guide to in-cupboard kitchen Bins for more insight into sizing and choosing in-cupboard bins for various cabinet types.

Should you buy a freestanding or in-cupboard bin?

The Best In-Cupboard Bins for Under-Sink Cabinets with Pull-Out Doors

Even when considering these size requirements, there are plenty of options for under-sink cabinets with pull-out doors to choose from, with efficient design from leading brands, including Wesco, Hailo and Blanco.

Wesco Pullboy-Z Bin for Under-Sink Cabinets

The Wesco Pullboy-Z 34L two-compartment integrated bin is a fantastic option for shallow cabinets, requiring space to accommodate a depth of just 403mm and a height of 335mm.

Equipped with two separate compartments, this model offers plenty of capacity for the average household and provides a convenient way to sort different kinds of waste.

Operation is smooth and effortless with full extension, soft close runners, and, like many of our bins, this model is complete with a steel lid that can act as a handy shelf to store liners or cleaning products.

If you have a large household and tend to fill your bin up fairly quickly, a larger capacity bin may serve you better, in which case a bin located under a sink bin is unlikely to give you the space you need and you would be better served using a full height cabinet or the space under a drawer.

Hailo Cargo Synchro Bin for Under-Sink Cabinets

Hailo offers some brilliant in-cupboard products, including those suitable for under-sink installation.

The Hailo Cargo Synchro three-compartment 54L recycler is a particularly good example. It has a depth of 405mm and height of 424mm, packing in plenty of capacity to ensure no inch of cupboard space goes to waste.

With one 28 litre and two 13 litres buckets, sorting rubbish is easy – one of the smaller compartments also comes with a lid making it ideal for food waste. All the compartments have easy access and are covered by a sheet steel lid topped with an anti-slip rubber mat.

This product is also equipped with Grass Nova Pro soft-close over-extension runners for quiet, easy operation, adding to the overall quality of the design.

The Hailo Cargo Synchro range is available in several other sizes, with varying capacities, compartments and door widths.

Hailo Cargo Synchro three-compartment 54L recycler

Blanco Select Bin For Under-SInk Cabinets

Blanco is another brand known for its expert designs and sleek products.

If you need a bin for a tight space, especially like that under a sink, something like the Blanco Select 50 two-compartment 38L recycler is ideal; it measures just 361mm high and has a fitting depth of 450mm.

For convenient sorting, the compact, efficient design houses two compartments, each 19 litres. These buckets can also be easily lifted out to ensure you can clean and empty them with ease.

Like other similar products, the Blanco Select range is equipped with a handy steel lid and soft close runners. You can find this model in various sizes that give a little more capacity.

Blanco Select 50 two-compartment 38L recycler

The Best In-Cupboard Bins For Under-Sink Cabinets with Hinged Doors

There are also some excellent products to choose from if your under-sink cabinets have hinged doors. When fitting an integrated bin for hinged doors, the self-contained units are fixed to the cabinet base. This means you can fit them where you like, navigating around pipework.

Wesco Shorty Bin for Under-Sink Cabinets

The Wesco Shorty 30L low level two-compartment recycler is designed to work with almost any under-sink cabinet with doors of an external width of at least 500mm. It measures just 345mm high and has a depth of 325mm, helping you make use of tight under-sink cupboards.

This unit contains two 15 litre buckets with an integral plastic lid that covers the bins and can store liners. Its steel frame is easily fixed to the base of your cabinet, and full extension runners mean the bin can be opened and closed smoothly.

Wesco Shorty 30L low level two-compartment recycler

Wesco Slim-Line Bin for Under-Sink Cabinets

If you don’t need multiple compartments to separate waste, the Wesco Slim-Line 19L single compartment waste bin is ideal. With plenty of capacity for everyday waste, this model fits along the width of the door, so requires a depth of just 210mm and is suitable for cabinets with a minimum width of 450mm.

The lid of this bin fixes to the side of your cabinets, covering the bin when it is closed. It is suitable for both right and left opening doors.

The durable stainless steel body with inner plastic lining is designed to last and will serve you well for years to come.

Wesco Slim-Line 19L single compartment waste bin

Blanco Pro Bin For Under-Sink Cabinets

If sorting recycling is a concern for you, the Blanco Pro three-compartment 39L recycler is a great solution. With 350mm high and 400mm, this design can be suitable for under-sink installation and makes fantastic use of your 600mm under-sink cupboards.

Again, the unit is easy to fit to the base of your cabinet and the three 13 litre plastic inner buckets give you plenty of waste storage options that can be cleaned and emptied easily.

Blanco Pro three-compartment 39L recycler

The Best Under-Sink Bins For Pan Drawers

As pan drawers for sink base units become increasingly popular, so too do bins that can be installed into these cupboards.

We have a range of products suitable for 600, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200mm wide drawers. Bins for pan drawers consist of several bin containers, each with lids, that sit inside a base tray. They offer numerous compartments that allow you to sort your recycling.

Something like the Gollinucci Sistema 9XL pan drawer range that requires a minimum height of just 220mm is ideal for these shorter sink drawers.

Gollinucci Sistema 9XL pan drawer

Modern kitchens are at their best when they are as functional as possible, which means making the most of all available space. Shop our range of bins suitable for under-sink cabinets to ensure this area of your kitchen doesn’t go to waste!

Please ensure you always cross-reference the correct dimensions of your cabinet with the dimensions of the product (detailed on the product page) to ensure your chosen bin is suitable for the installation space.

Explore our blog to find out more about the best kitchen bin solutions for modern living, including where to put a bin in a small kitchen.

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Binopolis.