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Freestanding or In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins?

Freestanding or In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins?

The right bin can help transform your kitchen into a clean, cohesively designed space that exudes style and function.

There are countless kitchen bins to choose from depending on your requirements, with the two main options being freestanding and in-cupboard bins. Both kinds of bin have advantages which we set out here to help you decide which is most suitable for your space.

So how do you choose the best bin for you?

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How to Choose a Freestanding or In-Cupboard Bin?

When it comes to choosing a bin for your kitchen, there are several things to consider. Where you position your bin obviously depends on the space you have to work with and the layout of your kitchen.

The positioning of your bin will impact practicality; you’ll need to factor in how accessible the space is and whether it’s big enough to fit a larger capacity bin to ensure you don’t have to empty it every other day and can sort recycling easily.

The style of your space and whether you want a completely hidden option or discrete tucked away bin may also steer your decision.

Freestanding bins can be tucked away discreetly while offering a visually-appealing option that can work as a design feature in its own right. Alternatively, an integrated in-cupboard bin is the perfect solution if you want to free up floor space and keep a totally streamlined look.

We explore the benefits that each of these options offers, along with some great models available here at Binopolis.

A blue Brabantia bin in a kitchen

Freestanding Bins

We have slim bins and low bins to tuck away into compact spaces, but what if you can’t hide your bin away? Then you might as well have one that looks great!

Designers have risen brilliantly to the challenge of creating bins that you’ll be happy to have on display. After all, the kitchen bin is often as visually prominent as your bar stools or chairs, so the models we sell have been as carefully designed as any other piece of furniture.

Large Capacity Freestanding Bins

If you have limited cupboard space or smaller cabinets, an in-cupboard bin might not be the most practical option. In this case, a freestanding bin would make the ideal choice.

Freestanding bins are available in numerous sizes that can offer plenty of capacity, even when you choose a single compartment bin.

The iconic Wesco Pushboy 50L bin is a particularly good option for those seeking a freestanding bin. It looks brilliant in modern and retro interiors, offering a sleek style along with a premium design. This model is available in a variety of stunning colours and also comes in a smaller 22L option.

The Brabantia Bo Touch is another especially stylish freestanding range that makes a chic addition to any kitchen. The wide-opening touch lid and durable inner bucket contribute to a highly-functional bin, making waste disposal look good.

A Brabantia Bo Touch bin in a modern kitchen

Two and Three Compartment Freestanding Bins

If you’ve decided on a freestanding bin but want further options to manage waste recycling, a multi-compartment bin is the way to go. Having numerous buckets or compartments in one place means you can easily sort food waste and different kinds of recycling as you dispose of it, helping you stay organised.

We have an extensive range of two-compartment and three-compartment freestanding bins with favourites like the Brabantia Bo and Bo Hi Touch bins, the Wesco Big Boy range and Joseph Joseph three-compartment Totem bins.

A red Wesco Big Double Boy bin

In-Cupboard Bins

For those that have limited floor space or just want to free up some extra space, an in-cupboard bin may be the preferable option. Integrated in-cupboard bins can be incorporated into new kitchens during the design process or retro-kitted into existing cabinets to create the perfect hidden waste solution.

Hidden bins can help your kitchen retain a streamlined look as they’re completely out of sight while also offering the bonus of keeping pets out!

In-cupboard bins can work with pull-out or hinged doors and come in various sizes suitable for different kitchen cabinets, with shorter under-sink options available, ensuring you can find the right bin for your kitchen.

A Wesco 300AZ bin fitted into a kitchen cabinet

In-Cupboard Bin Sizes & Capacities

Even if, initially, you think you don’t have enough cupboard space to devote a bin to, there are plenty of options to help transform your space. A narrow 300mm cabinet can easily house a multi-compartment recycling bin. You may be surprised by how much waste storage capacity such a bin can offer.

The Wesco 300AZ is a brilliant example of this, as it discreetly tucks away two waste compartments with 42L behind a small door that might have offered limited storage otherwise.

If you do have the room for a larger bin, there are plenty of options to help maximise your space. You can find a range of bins suitable for cabinets that measure 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm or 600mm with up to more than 100L available.

For a comprehensive look at some of the best bins for 600mm cabinets, you can read our useful buying guide. Some notable models include the ECO and Vauth Sagel Es-Pro.

the best integrated pull out kitchen bins for 600mm wide cabinets

You will also find options to help make use of those tricky under-sink spaces, with height and depth measurements suitable for fitting around plumbing and in a more compact space. The popular Wesco Pullboy-Z style is available in a shorter model, perfect for cupboards beneath a sink.

In-Cupboard Bin Compartments

Like freestanding bins, in-cupboard bins can offer numerous compartments, providing further options for sorting waste and recycling.

Various models will accommodate two, three or four separate compartments and caddies that are easy to remove and clean and will maximise your waste organisation. Many home cooks will enjoy the convenience of removing a food waste caddie from the large unit to have on hand while they are cooking so they can swipe waste into it as they go.

The Hailo Euro Cargo four-compartment bin is designed to be as efficient as possible, with two 38L buckets, one 12L bin and one 2.5L container all hiding behind one cabinet door. This is ideal for large families or households that produce a lot of waste and recycling. The 12L bin also comes complete with its own lid and is an ideal size for food waste.

A Hailo Euro Cargo four-compartment bin

Specialist In-Cupboard Bins

In-cupboard bins are not exclusive to full-height cabinets. As already mentioned, integrated bins can fit under sinks, but you can also find options for pan drawers and inset worktop bins.

These are ideal for kitchens that are already making full use of entire cabinets. Pan drawers tend to be wise and low in height, making them a great location to put an in-cupboard bin.

Our bins for pan drawers are designed to sit in a base tray, which houses several compartments and lids to ensure everything stays firmly in place and can be cleaned with ease.

The Tecnoinox Technobig recycler is a great example of how drawer space can be maximised like this.

A five-compartment Tecnoinox Technobig recycler

With our great range of both freestanding and in-cupboard bins, you’re sure to find the perfect waste management solution for your kitchen. If you have any questions about which size or style bin is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Binopolis team; we are always happy to chat through your options.

You can also read our buying guide to kitchen bin sizes for a clearer idea on how to select the correct bin.