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Maximum recycling, minimum space - checkout our recycling sets for larger families and offices

Maximum recycling, minimum space - checkout our recycling sets for larger families and offices

Combining matching bins is a really stylish way to deal with larger amounts of recycling for larger families or in offices. Our bins are all beautiful and functional, and we've chosen designs that line up together and look great in your kitchen or office interior. 

If you have a busy family, our recycling sets will work for you and the children. Kids really believe in recycling and get used to it at school, so why not get them helping at home? Gemma, who reviwed our Simplehuman Touch Bar Recycling Set told us "my 3 daughters learn about recycling at school and insisted we did it when we got one new wheelie bin for paper, plastic and tins and one for rubbish. I knew one bin wouldn't be big enough but these two bins actually fit in my space 60cm wide where the old bin was. The girls love the lids- the Touch is so easy for them to use- so the recycling gets done by willing helpers! Thanks for the idea and the delivery was next day which was impressive." 

Another set that's popular with families is the Simplehuman Butterfly Recycling set, shown in our first picture, which gives you four inner buckets of 20 litres each so you can easily sort your recycling and waste into 4 copious sections. The lids on these bins are also very child-friendly: they open and close slowly and softly so they have time to put the recycling in without getting trapped fingers. The Butterfly is fantastically space-efficient in two ways. First, its narrow, slim shape means it will fit into tight spaces including between cupboards, and two bins aligned together take up just 55 cm width. The second space saving design feature is the amazing lid, which opens from the centre giving you a total height of only 77.5 cm: low enough to fit under a worktop.

Simplehuman Steel bins are, we admit, not cheap but you really do get what you pay for: solid construction and pedal mechanism, a truly fingerprint-proof finish, soft close lids (no more clanging!) and a 10 year guarantee. They're worth the investment if you consider the cost spreading over many years of efficient use and long-lasting good looks. Don't just take our word for it: see this great customer review for the Butterfly Recycler on our Feefo pages "Fabulous product, it's quite expensive but looks fab and is very well made." 

Simplehuman Slim Plastic bins create a great value Recycling Set still with fantastic quality, and blissfully quiet lids. Our sets combine White, Grey or Black bins with a copious 40 litre capacity but again with a narrow footprint to really make the most of your space at home or in the office. We've put together sets of Two and Three bins combining different colours as you may want to colour code your recycling and waste- another great idea for children. If you'd prefer to unify the look of your set, just give us a call and we'll put together a set in one colour for you.

When you use one of our sets, you're really creating your own recycling station. Two or three bins work really well in larger households, but if you have slightly less recycling one of our 2 or 3 compartment recyclers still does the same efficient job of helping you to sort your recycling in the kitchen: just take a look at our Recyclers section.

As ever at Binopolis we're just a call or email away, so if you're thinking about a set but want some ideas on where to fit one into your space, or to work out the best product for your needs, we'd be happy to help. Contact us on 023 8097 0230 or there are real people on the other end!