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Recycling your plastic gets glamorous!

Recycling your plastic gets glamorous!

It really is worth recycling your plastic! Clear water bottles are becoming a valuable resource in the recycling industry, because they can be crushed, melted and spun into white yarn, ready to be dyed and woven into fabric.

Vivienne Westwood, British designer and Ecological campaigner, has designed the new Virgin Atlantic uniforms announced today and a key part of the design concept was to incorporate recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing. Read on...

The red polyster fabric she has used is made from plastic bottles and looks great, as demonstrated here by Debbie Harry of Blondie performing at the launch party.

So you can reduce landfill which never disintegrates, and contribute to the economy, just by putting your plastic in the recycling compartment of your Binopolis bin! 

If we could choose a recycling bin for Virgin it would have to be the Wesco Big Double Boy in rich shiny red: a truly upper class product!