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On World Environment how our kitchen recycling bins can help

On World Environment how our kitchen recycling bins can help

Start recycling and buy quality products to reduce waste: small acts with global impact. What can we do as individuals to make a contribution to taking care of our environment? 'Buy it nice or buy it twice' is one key message from the UN on World Environment Day. Buying less but choosing well means you can avoid the throwaway culture caused by cheaply built products. Products are also discarded after a short life when they have built-in planned obsolescence: designed to have a limited life or always destined to be replaced by a new version which renders them obsolete.

Our products have a long product lifespan which is the opposite of planned obsolescence: they are designed and built to last and in particular Simplehuman, Brabantia, and Wesco confidently cover their bins with 10 year guarantees, with spare parts available if any component needs replacing in order to extend the life of the product.

So buying any Simplehuman, Brabantia or Wesco Recycling bin gives double earth-friendly benefits: firstly to make it easy to sort your recycling in the kitchen and to help you collect recyclable paper and card, plastic, cans and glass, and secondly by investing a little more in a quality product it will give you years of use and not end a short life as landfill.

Wesco has a long tradition of making top quality steel products, and they combine this quality with distinctive 'Vintage' styling whcih makes Wesco bins instantly recognisable. The Wesco Big Double Boy recycling bin is a supremely solid product, weighty and strong in best quality steel. It also looks fantastic with its gently curved stainless steel lid contrasting against the glossy powder coated colour finishes: clean White, subtle Almond, rich Red and chic Black. The pedal detailing and Wesco badge bring authentic Wesco styling to the bin but the design works well in contemporary kitchens as well as in vintage interiors.

It will look great and function perfectly for many years, the soft-close lid won't clang and the two compartment inner buckets are durable and easy to use with hand-grips for easy removal and liner-securing features.

The Wesco Big Double Boy Recycling bin is on special offer this week and is available from stock for free delivery, next day if ordered Monday to Thursday. You may find a lower price but watch out for long delivery times and non-returnable terms. See the product here, order with confidence from Binopolis and start recycling in style.