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Binopolis -  the best place to shop for kitchen bins, recycling bins and in-cupboard bins

Binopolis - the best place to shop for kitchen bins, recycling bins and in-cupboard bins

We believe in smart, problem-solving designs brought to you with great service. We're working with leading interiors PR agency Homestyle PR, so that as many people as possible can get to know about Binopolis and our fantastic choice of products. Homestyle put us in the spotlight on their blog recently and gave us the opportunity to share our passion for well-designed, top quality bins. They asked: 

Why do you think bins are often seen as an afterthought in home design?

Unfortunately, kitchen bins tend to be treated by retailers as a cleaning product and they are often displayed next to the mops and irons, or even alongside wheelie bins. Therefore, the bin has historically been viewed as a necessary but undesirable utility product, with most people managing with one bin for everything and keeping it out of sight.

How is Binopolis changing this?

We believe that the bin is an essential kitchen accessory and should be given as much visual and functional design consideration as other kitchen appliances and even furniture. We started Binopolis because we couldn’t find any good-looking recycling bins on the market. Our website provides customers with designs that offer a smart solution to separating and storing recycling in the kitchen. And we've chosen our favourite single bins too.

What can you offer customers who visit your website?

Our website offers a fantastic selection of recycling and single bins, all from top brands that have been chosen by us to give customers the best choice of designs that suit their individual needs and style. The site is designed to be customer-friendly, with the products set out clearly to make the buying process simple. Our customer service team is happy to offer friendly, expert advice and we offer fast, flexible delivery that is free for all orders over £45.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a bin?

Firstly you need to think about the quality. Our bins have features that set them apart from the rest such as quiet soft-close lids, pedal mechanisms that are engineered for years of use and are made with extra thick anticorrosion steal that is coated in superior colour finishes or fingerprint proof coatings. 

Style is also important, as bins can be beautiful! From sleek, minimal shapes, to fun retro designs, our bins are designed to be seen and make a positive addition to your space.

It’s always worth considering how much waste your bin is going to need to hold. This may depend on the size of your household, how much you tend to throw away or recycle or how often you want to empty it. Some customers choose the largest bin they can find, but for those with compact kitchens, we have a new range of slim-line and built-in designs.

Which freestanding bins can you offer people who are looking for more from their bin?

For customers that are looking for more style, we have the quiet and discreet Simplehuman bins. For more character, there’s the Wesco vintage-style and Brabantia Orla Kiely patterned bins. Or for more flexibility, the multi-funtional Joseph Joseph Totem and Stack bins, or the innovative Sensor bins should tick all the boxes.

Which colour bin is your most popular? 

When it comes to our top-selling colours, beige and white are equally popular. We have also seen an increase in the desire for ‘new-neutrals’ such as grey, black and mint, as they are versatile, yet timeless.

Which situations would you suggest a built-in bin could be used for?

Integrated in-cupboard bins are a fantastic solution for customers that want to maintain a clutter-free kitchen or to free up some floor space. They can also be a very effective element when it comes to planning the workflow in a kitchen as they can be positioned near food prep areas or even under the sink for added convenience.

How could your bin purchase affect the way in which you run your home?

When customers are following a recycling scheme, they can produce a surprisingly high volume of recyclable packaging, plastic bottles, cans and glass that needs to be separated from other household waste. This can result in teetering piles of recycling by the back door, or multiple containers in different places in the home. With our innovative designs, a dual or triple recycling bin can often be fitted into the same floor space that used to be occupied by one rubbish bin, which will help you to keep the recycling and waste sorted and tidied away. For larger families and offices, a set of two or three bins can be aligned together to form a recycling station. As one customer put it, ‘the neatness of tidying everything away in the right places has transformed our kitchen and put an end to arguments over whose turn it is to do the rubbish’. 

Since we started working with us in January, Homestyle PR have certainly been helping us to reach more customers through features in The Times and The i newspapers, plus magazines including Essential Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms (EKBB), the current issue of House Beautiful, Good Things and Great British Food gourmet magazines and interior design publication Fabric. 

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