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The Best Integrated Pull-out Kitchen Bins for 600mm-wide Cabinets

The Best Integrated Pull-out Kitchen Bins for 600mm-wide Cabinets

If you have a large family or want to avoid emptying your kitchen bins too often, a 600mm cabinet is the ideal size to ensure you can install some of the largest capacity in-cupboard bins we have.

Built-in bins can be retro-fitted into an existing kitchen or planned in at the design stage of a new one, and our customers love the transformative effect they can have in hiding copious amounts of recycling and waste.

What Type of Integrated Bin is Right for My Kitchen?

There are numerous things to consider when choosing an in-cupboard bin, including whether you want multiple compartments, the location of the bin (whether you want an under-sink option, for example) and the type of cupboard the bin will be fitted into.

The Binopolis collection includes separate ranges for numerous cupboard types, including those with hinged doors, drawers and pull-out door cabinets.

For further information to help you find the bin you need, read our buying guide to in-cupboard kitchen bins.

If you’re after a pull-out bin for 600mm cabinets, here are some of our most popular options from the top brands.

Wesco Pull-out Bins

Wesco is renowned for high-quality products and is one of the most recognisable brands when it comes to a range of kitchen bins. They offer a fantastic variety of integrated pull-out bins that can be seamlessly incorporated into new or existing kitchens.

Many of our Wesco products use a Blum Tandembox with soft-close runners, ensuring you have easy access to your bin with smooth opening and closing motions.

Wesco Pullboy-Z

A particular Wesco range worthy of mention is the Pullboy-Z. Made for cabinets with pull-out doors, Pullboy-Z models offer a discrete and convenient recycling solution.

For those looking for large capacity in-cupboard bins, the Wesco Pullboy-Z two-compartment 80L recycler for 600mm doors is ideal.

This updated version of the popular original incorporates heavier inner buckets and stronger handles for a functional bin rooted in quality. Cleaning and emptying the two 40L compartments is made easy with full extension soft close runners.

Pullboy-Z bins will typically fit a full height cabinet door unit, seamlessly slotting under the worktop level with a hidden steel shelf that provides storage and easy access to things like bin liners.

For 600mm cabinets, the same style is available at various capacities, with a maximum of four compartments with up to 74L available to allow for increased customisation.

A Wesco Pullboy-Z bin

Vauth-Sagel Pull-out Bins

Another popular brand for integrated bins is Vauth-Sagel. Known for offering functionally-led products, the Vauth Sagel in-cupboard range includes bins that fit cabinets with pull-out doors, ensuring you can find the perfect solution for your kitchen.

All Vauth-Sagel pull-out bins use Grass soft-close runners, which means you can open and close the door with ease.

Vauth Sagel Es-Pro

The Es-Pro range for 600mm doors is available at numerous capacities with either two or three-compartment bins to choose from.

If you’re after a brilliantly-designed in-cupboard hidden waste and recycling option, look no further than Vauth-Sagel’s Es-Pro three-compartment 85L recycler. With two 32L and one 21L bucket along with a required cabinet depth of 476mm, no millimetre of space is wasted, showcasing the highly efficient design.

With easy-fit over-extension soft close runners, the door closes silently and allows easy access for waste removal and cleaning.

Made to install under worktops, the bin also comes with a steel lid fixed within the cabinet, providing a handy shelf ideal for storing liners and other kitchen essentials.

A Vauth Sagel Es-Pro bin

Hailo Pull-out Bins

Another manufacturer of outstanding quality kitchen bins, Hailo offers a selection of in-cupboard bins for the perfect hidden waste solution, providing bins for cupboards with hinged or pull-out doors.

With options to fit under sinks, under drawers or within a full height cabinet, you’re sure to find the perfect functional bin to fit your space.

Hailo Euro Cargo Bin

With four compartments, the Euro Cargo design allows you to easily sort and deposit waste and recycling before sliding the bin back into the hidden compartment. The sleek, long-lasting design seamlessly blends into a modern kitchen and comes in either a dark or light grey finish.

The Hailo Euro Cargo four-compartment 90L recycler for 600mm cabinets is a particularly good option for larger kitchens that need that bit of extra capacity – minimum cabinet depth is 530mm for this model.

Compartments include two 38L inner buckets along with a 12L caddy with double handles and a 2.5L container that can be used to store liners or cleaning supplies.

For a smooth open and close, the Euro Cargo range uses Grass Nova Pro soft-close full-extension runners.

A Hailo Euro Cargo Bin

Blanco Pull-out Bins

Blanco is renowned for their premium sinks and taps but also produces a range of pull-out kitchen bins for an effective waste management or storage solution.

Blanco in-cupboard bins are designed at lower heights meaning they’re ideal for installing below sinks or are the perfect option for those that simply don’t need a large capacity.

Blanco Select Bin

The Select range is available with either two or three compartments depending on your needs. Each bin also comes with a steel lid which can be used as a handy shelf for additional storage and easy access.

If you’re after a compact bin for a cabinet with limited height and depth, the Blanco Select 60/2 could be right for you.

With one 30L compartment and another 19L bucket, sorting your waste and recycling is made easy. This under-sink bin can also be used as a handy storage solution for those that want to tidy away and organise cleaning products or other household items.

Soft-close runners allow for smooth and silent operation.

A Blanco Select bin

Ninka Kitchen Bins

Ninka is a company rooted in innovation; they now apply their engineering expertise to brilliantly designed in-cupboard bins and cabinets.

Ninka One2Five Bin

With two or four compartment bins available, the Ninka One2Five range offers an effective in-cupboard hidden waste solution.

The ideal 84L two-compartment option provides two generous 42L compartments to make recycling that bit easier. The thick plastic containers have double handles and are extra durable to ensure they stand the test of time.

Like other quality integrated bins, this bin comes with soft-close runners for smooth operation and a cover plate to provide additional storage.

A Ninka One2Five Bin

Tecnoinox Kitchen Bins

Tecnoinox specialises in producing stainless steel and aluminium products, including outstanding quality pull-out kitchen bins. Their products are known for being superbly designed.

Tecnoinox Pull-out Bins

Tecnoinox offers several pull-out bins suitable for 600mm cabinets and drawers, with options for up to 108L and three compartments.

Bins in the Tecnoinox range are built with a unique odour-controlling lid that’s designed to close with a soft lining that creates a seal, virtually eliminating any odours, to give you a truly hidden waste system.

With a premium design, the Tecnoinox two-compartment 70L bin is a particularly desirable option, suitable for both home and commercial use. The product includes two 35L inner bins made from aluminium, a self-sealing lid and a Blum Legrabox soft-close drawer and runner system for an efficient and hygienic recycler.

Tecnoinox also has the largest single capacity bin for a pull-out door cabinet, with one double skinned aluminium bucket with a capacity of 72L.

Gollinucci Kitchen Bins

Gollinucci is known for manufacturing a range of kitchen accessories, including in-built bins, that have a premium design based on efficiency and function.

Gollinucci Linea 580

This integrated waste solution offers two 40L bins with individual lids and carry handles along with an upper shelf that can be used for additional storage.

The unit uses Grass soft-close runners to make opening and closing the cabinet smooth. This option can be fitted into cabinets with a minimum fitting depth of just 458mm.

The Linea 580 range is available in numerous sizes for variously sized cabinets, so you can find the perfect solution for your kitchen.

A Gollinucci Linea 580

How to Choose an in-Cupboard Bin for a 600mm Cabinet

The exact bin you choose will largely depend on your capacity requirements and the location of the unit – whether it is under a sink or has a shallower depth, for example.

You may also want to consider style and design; with so many options available, you’re sure to discover a bin or recycler that’s right for your kitchen.

Because these products are from top brands and are designed to last, it’s worth taking the time to consider your options. All of our products come with detailed specifications to ensure you understand the product’s dimensions and everything that’s included with the bin, helping make the choice even easier.

We stock a wide range of in-cupboard bins for 600mm cabinets, so browse the collection now to find the perfect hidden waste management solution for your kitchen.

If you ever have any questions or want to further discuss a product’s features, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Binopolis team. You can also read through our blog for additional advice and kitchen bin buying guides.