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Vauth-Sagel in-cupboard kitchen bins: new extended range in stock

Vauth-Sagel in-cupboard kitchen bins: new extended range in stock

We have extended our range of Vauth-Sagel built-in bins to provide you with more choice than ever before. Perfect if you want to keep your bin hidden behind closed doors and make the most of your cupboard space, premium German brand Vauth-Sagel’s integrated bins are easy to fit into existing kitchen units or can be incorporated into a new kitchen scheme. 

Right now we have limited stock of most of the range, available with free next-day delivery but selling fast.

The new and improved range of Vauth-Sagel bins now features an incredible selection of models, which will suit a variety of cabinet sizes and cater for individual waste and recycling requirements. The range comes in two heights and you can take your pick from models measuring between 300mm to 600mm wide and 470mm or 515mm deep. 

As part of the re-launch Vauth-Sagel have renamed their products under the range title ‘Envi’, which is taken from the word Environment to reflect the green credentials of these recycling bins. We think Envi could also stand for being friends being green with envy when they see your beautiful sleek bin (yes, customers do love their Vauth-Sagel bins as they make one essential task so much easier).

VS Envi Space Pro, previously called Oeko Liner, bins are 470mm high and fit below a typical drawer (or possibly shallower sinks) and have sliding lids to provide extra space for storage. VS Envi Space Pro XX, previously called Oeko XX Liner, bins are 570mm high, fill most of the cabinet height and have a fixed lid that can also be used for storing liners. 

In line with the trend for darker coloured kitchens, we have introduced Vauth-Sagel’s new Lava Grey colour, which also looks stunning when contrasted with white and wood-effect kitchens. This colour is a slate-toned shade and the most accurate image we have of the colour is this one above left, showing the warmer tone to it which is very attractive. This new colour is proving extremely popular.

The Vauth-Sagel range explained

Now that the range is large, here we break down the different choices available.

The range gives customers a choice of options to fit different:

a) cabinet widths, from 300mm to 600mm. These widths are measured on the outside of the cabinet door, and are the starting point for choosing your bin - check the internal cabinet width against the width given in the product details. If you have an inframe cabinet, give us a call if you'd like any advice on fitting an integrated bin into it, as adjustments will be needed.

b) cabinet depthschoose from either 476-480mm or 515mm depths.

480mm deep products have the letter ’S’ within the product title, standing for shorter, and these fit most UK cabinets - always check for pipework or any restrictions in your cabinet.

515mm products have the letter ‘D’ in the product title, standing for deeper, and these make the most of the extra depth in the increasing amount of deeper cabinets coming through, often in new kitchens. 

c) cabinet heights - 

the VS Envi Space Pro (formerly Oeko Liner) 470mm high bins fit below a typical drawer or possibly sink, and have sliding lids for extra storage.

the VS Envi Space Pro XX (formerly Oeko XX Liner) 570mm high bins fill most of the cabinet height and have a fixed lid which can still be used for storing liners etc.

d) colour -

The Vauth-Sagel range has up until now been produced in one colour, Silver Grey, which has platinum colour steel frames and lids, and paler silver grey inner bins. This colour will continue in all models. Now a new darker 'Lava Grey' shade has been introduced, which is a warm slate-toned shade cleverly matched across both the metal and plastic parts of the bin. The products are exactly the same as the Silver Grey, with the only difference being the colour.

Combining excellent build quality with user-focussed design, Vauth-Sagel bins are solidly made, function superbly and are easy to fit, which makes them incredibly popular with consumers and our trade customers. We’re delighted to be able to extend our Vauth-Sagel offering, and we love the range because our customers find the fitting template and videos allow them to fit a top quality integrated bin to a professional standard. 

The 50 year old family business is one of the leading suppliers of premium products to the kitchen industry, producing their own ranges of Integrated bins and cabinet shelving systems and creating parts and fittings for many kitchen manufacturers including SieMatic for their high-end ranges. Vauth-Sagel also produce precision parts for BMW, Lamborghini and Volkswagen, so quality and design precision are assured.

With our new expanded range, there is sure to be a Vauth-Sagel integrated bin which will work with your new kitchen scheme, but hurry because stocks are getting low, so that’s an added incentive to start your 2018 new year resolution to get the recycling organised…see the new range here