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Small act, global impact - using one of our kitchen recycling bins is a great start

Small act, global impact - using one of our kitchen recycling bins is a great start

How do you make a tenuous link between bins, Christmas and penguins? It's simple...

Start recycling with one of our bins. Use it to make it easier to sort out your tins, paper, card and plastic bottles and packaging from your rubbish. Collect the recyclables in bins from your local authority, who should sell the valuable commodity material such as aluminium, glass, paper and plastic to be recycled.

Plastic is in the news because the swirling islands of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean are beginning to affect the Antarctic ocean. The polar seas were until recently considered to be still free of pollution but this has now changed. It's true that the Arctic and Antarctic oceans seem unconnected to us in the UK, but recycling is a small daily effort with a global impact.

If the plastic bottles you collect over Christmas and into 2015 are recycled, they could be used to make:

  • polyethylene bin liners and carrier bags
  • more plastic bottles
  • flooring and window frames
  • building insulation board
  • phone covers and CD cases
  • fencing and garden furniture
  • water butts, garden sheds and composters
  • seed trays
  • fleeces
  • fibre filling for sleeping bags and duvets
  • office accessories
  • more packaging


If plastic is kept out of the seas and used to make new products and materials instead, this will protect the habitats of both sea and land animals including penguins, polar bears and all of the other polar animals now featuring on our Christmas cards. Tenuous links made.