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Love is bin the air! Indulge with one of our brilliant kitchen bins

Love is bin the air! Indulge with one of our brilliant kitchen bins

February might be the time to think of spring-cleaning and getting organised, or it might be time to think of cupid and adding some spice to your life. So why not combine the two and fall in love with a new kitchen bin? After all, the most used bin in the house never questions your midnight feast motives or raises an eyebrow at the number of wrappers from your well-disguised chocolate addiction; it is always ready and waiting for an avalanche of soggy teabags too! So to celebrate Valentine’s, go big, go bold and check out our array of passionate red beauties at Binopolis. 

Wesco has the ultimate solution for those who love the planet as much as they love high design. With two 18 litre inner buckets, the 36 litre Big Double Boy Recycling Bin will make sorting your recycling a doddle. With a soft-close mechanism on the curved, stainless steel lid and a wide pedal, this bin ticks all the right boxes.


The Wesco Baseboy is a popular choice for those of you with a more modest kitchen, who still want to make a statement. This 20 litre bin might be on the petite side, but its handsome exterior, strong steel pedal and galvanized steel inner bucket means it can still compete with the big boys.

Perhaps you would prefer to embrace your inner astronaut, in which case the Wesco Spaceboy is the bin for you. Doing what it says on the tin, with a little extra va-va-voom, this rocket-shaped creation has a hand-operated flap, so you can pretend you are the man (or woman) from Mars every day of the week. 


Fear not, if you already have a trusty bin, you might want to indulge in a practical, ruby-red recycling receptacle for the home. Perfect for smaller households, the Hailo Trento Trio pedal bin features three handy 11 litre inner buckets and will fit neatly under the worktop for a sleek and sophisticated recycling solution. Good things really do come in small packages! 


And who knows, with one of these romantic-red beauties in your kitchen helping to set the mood, you may even find that love is in the air when you take your rubbish outside! Happy Valentine’s Day!