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600mm built-in kitchen bin: Easter project

600mm built-in kitchen bin: Easter project

All of our in-cupboard bins will transform your cabinet into a top quality built-in bin, but if you have a 600mm cabinet you can fit a bin with the most generous capacity. 

If you're getting ready for guests over Easter, are working on a new kitchen or are planning some kitchen DIY during the holiday, Easter is the perfect time to order and fit a built-in bin which will magically hide your waste and free up floor space.

In-cupboard bins can be retro-fitted into an existing kitchen, or planned in at the design stage, and our customers love the transformative effect they can have in hiding away copious amounts of recycling and waste, leaving a streamlined and organised kitchen.

Our In-cupboard bins are available for all standard cabinet widths, and the range divides between bins to attach to pull-out doors and those for fitting inside cabinets with hinged doors. 

This blog is all about 600mm cabinets, and if you can devote this size of cabinet to housing your bin, you can install some of the largest capacity bins we have. But don't despair if you don't have a 600mm cabinet avaialble, as our 500mm bins are also a very copious size and we have clever designs for cabinets down to 300mm wide: if we can help with choosing a bin for any size cabinet, please get in touch.

Read on for our suggestions for both Pull-out and Hinged door 600mm cabinets:


Eleven of our 600mm bins are for pull-out doors, including 7 Wesco Pullboy Z bins and 4 from Vauth-Sagel. All are top quality German-made products which should stand up to years of use in your kitchen, with steel soft-close runner systems and a choice of recycling configurations so you can separate your recyclables and waste to suit your needs.

WESCO: Full cabinet height

From Wesco we have two extra large 84 litre bins. The 827642-11 has two huge 42L inner buckets, and the 827618-11 has two 32L buckets plus two 10L ones. To help imagine these capacities, it’s worth remembering that 30 litres is the capacity of many single standard kitchen bins (usually the cylindrical type). 

As an example, the 32L Wesco bucket is 53cm tall and the 42L is 50cm tall (45cm wide), so at around half a metre high these are great capacity buckets. With two hidden in your cabinet, this represents enough capacity for a family and for a smaller household would mean fewer trips to the wheelie bins. It’s not surprising that these are two of our most popular in-cupboard bins.

The 827618-52 has an 80L capacity across 4 buckets and its key difference is that it’s black and white to match other Blum Intivo fittings, or simply to compliment your kitchen styling.

Another of our most popular bins, the Wesco 828614-11, also features two of the 32L buckets. This product is significant because it is 576mm high, as the largest bins, but instead of the standard 500mm depth, it is 450mm deep making it a great choice for customers with pipework or a reduced depth cabinet.

Bins with a height of 576mm take up much of the height of a standard cabinet, but the lids on both Wesco and Vauth-Sagel bins are strong enough to use as a shelf for liners, papers etc so the space at the top of your cabinet is not wasted. The bins can also be fitted high up in the cabinet (as long as the weight on the door is balanced), for easy access from the worktop.

WESCO: Below drawer height

The choice of bins to fit in a 600mm cabinet below a drawer includes the 827616-11 which is 471mm high and has 72L of capacity across 4 buckets. For even lower fitting heights, the 827608-11 is 400mm high, meaning you could fit its 60L capacity below shelves. A great pull-out option for 600mm sink units is the 832604-85 which is just 330mm high and also 450mm deep, so it should clear pipework in most sink installations.

VAUTH-SAGEL: Full cabinet height

Vauth-Sagel is another German manufacturer with typical solid build quality. Their Oko Liner bins have a sleek contemporary look and unique innovations including an ‘easy-fit’ soft-close runner system with steel lids which can be used as a shelf. In this way one Vauth-Sagel Oko Liner creates both a bin and a storage shelf in your cupboard. 

Of the 5 Vauth-Sagel bins for 600mm cabinets, the XX liner 85L X600 is our largest capacity in-cupboard bin, with a fantastic 85 litres made up of two 32 litre and one 21 litre inner buckets. This triple bin is 570mm high, meaning that it fits close to the top of the cabinet in most installations, making the most of your cabinet space. 

New to our range is the XXliner 91L X600, which needs a minimum of 515mm internal cabinet depth to fit. This increased size gives you two 35L inner buckets plus one 21L, making this our largest capacity for a 600mm wide cabinet.

VAUTH-SAGEL: Below drawer height

The other 3 Vauth-Sagel bins for 600mm cabinets are all 470mm high and 470mm deep, so they can be fitted below a drawer and are also ideal if you don’t have a 500mm deep cabinet or have pipework or a thicker back panel taking up depth. The K 600-3 Maxi has one 28L bucket and two of 12.5 L. The K 600 Maxi (two 28L buckets) and the K 600 Maxi-2 (39L and 21L, useful if you create more recycling than waste or vice versa) complete the choice of 600mm pull-out cabinet bins. These lower height bins have the benefit of a retractable lid making access easier. 


It's worth remembering that the bins for Hinged doors can be fitted in wider cabinets if you want to place a bin on one side and a water filter, heater or more storage on the other side.  

All of our Wesco bins for hinged doors will fit into the width of a 600mm cabinet, but check the depth and height of each product particularly if you have pipework to work around. A good example of this is the Wesco Shorty 757411-85 which will fit a 500mm cabinet, but in a 600mm cabinet will leave useful space to one side for wirework shelves or simply for standing washing and cleaning materials. 

For a 600mm hinged door cabinet made from standard 16-19mm material, you can also make great use of the internal width for two large single bins, such as the Big Boy 40L Waste bin 755640-85, which would give you 80L of generous capacity.


As you can tell from our very detailed blog, we are big fans of the these products. We help customers every day with choosing the right In-cupboard bin for their cabinet size and for their recycling needs . This really does ensure that the right bin is supplied the first time. 

Because these products last many years, it's worth taking a bit of time to compare the sizes and options for your cabinet before ordering. Just email or call us with your dimensions and we'll be happy to suggest the right bins to fit. We can help over the phone too, looking at options at the same time on the site and discussing the features and sizes. 

So if you want to make great use of your 600mm cabinet, or any cabinet, by creating a hidden bin, look at our In-cupboard bins section and our guide to in cupboard bins, which shows all of the bins we have in a handy list format. You can also narrow down some options for your cabinet size by using our Quick Product Finder - see the very start of the in-cupboard section and follow the links. Please just ask if you need any advice, we can help with both design ideas and technical queries.