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The Wesco Pullboy-Z Range of In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

The Wesco Pullboy-Z Range of In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

If you thought Integrated bins only came with new fitted kitchens, think again: you can retro-fit one of our In-Cupboard kitchen recycling bins into your existing cabinets! The Pullboy Z range of integrated bins from Wesco is a high quality, beautifully designed solution for kitchen cupboards which have pull-out doors - the drawer unit fixes to the back of the door and when you pull open the door the bins slide out for use and then hide away when you push the door to. 

The range of Pullboy Z units we offer are available to fit a range of door sizes:  400mm; 450mm; 500mm  and 600mm wide and in a range of sizes – from 34 Litres up to 80 Litres capacity with 2, 3 or 4 compartments depending on the model. 

Wesco Pullboy-Z Bins

The critical choice is to choose a unit that fits your cupboard door – the width in the description refers to the outer width of the door and then an allowance of 16-19mm  is made for the thickness of the carcass on each side in supplying the actual unit.  The other key measurement is the height which can vary between 400mm and 576mm depending on the door width and capacity chosen. 

The Pullboy Z range is designed to work with a Blum Tandembox Drawer unit.  This fixes to either side of the kitchen cabinet and provides the mechanism for the waste unit to glide in and out of the cupboard.  All the Pullboy Z units we sell come supplied with this Blum unit and the cost is built-in to our price – although if for some reason you do not need it (perhaps if you are replacing an existing unit) then we can adjust the price for you to exclude it.  Just call us on 01425 508474 before you order and we will make the necessary adjustment to your order. 

Fitting is relatively easy for any reasonably competent DIY enthusiast - the key requirement being to get the Blum Tandembox at the same height and level on both sides.  Full fitting instructions are provided and we are happy to supply a copy of these in advance if you need them. 

The Pullboy Z unit itself is made of powder coated steel in a quality German-engineered frame and when used with the Blum Tandembox provides a ‘soft-close’ facility meaning no banging drawers!  The unit comes with a steel lid which covers up any waste and keeps it discreetly hidden.  If you have any extra height in your kitchen unit you can store things like liners or newspapers on top of the lid.  The bins themselves are in a smart grey plastic with carry handles so removing them is easy – larger bins come with double handles for extra strength. 

To see our full range of Pullboy-Z bins click here.

For other options or to see the range in more detail take a look at our Buying Guide To In-Cupboard Bins.  In addition to the Pullboy-Z range we sell in-cupboard bins to fit kitchen units with hinged doors, and also other options for units with pull-doors.