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Kitchen Update: fit an in-cupboard kitchen recycling bin

Kitchen Update: fit an in-cupboard kitchen recycling bin

Now's the time to order one of our top quality bins to be ready for guests or if you're planning to do some home improvement  to update your kitchen. 

With recycling options, smooth soft close, extra strong build quality and a wide range to cover standard cabinet sizes, our in-cupboard bins from leading brands such as Vauth-Sagel, Hailo, ECO, Wesco and Ninka  bins can be added to your new build or retrofitted into existing cabinets. They have a transformative effect in the kitchen, turning a cabinet into a hidden bin to free up floor space and hide your waste.

If you think you haven’t got enough cupboard space to devote to a bin, even a narrow 300mm cabinet can be converted into a recycling bin, as this kitchen shows. If you can devote a cabinet like this to a bin you can have up to 42 litres of recycling capacity ingeniously hidden inside it. Hidden bins help to keep the streamlined look of your kitchen,

Another clever space saving option is to use the area under your sink but this will seriously limit the size of bin you can use and is not recommended for larger households and families.

If you're in the process of planning or fitting a new kitchen, you can give some thought to the capacity of bin you will need and allocate a cabinet to it. If you or your kitchen fitter would like to see technical drawings or fitting instructions for any in-cupboard kitchen bin, just give us a call and we can email them to you. These often help with the planning and design stages.

Integrated in-cupboard bins are just as successful when retrofitted into an existing kitchen. Although the bins are designed with standard cabinet sizes in mind, it's often possible to fit a free-standing bin into a non-standard cupboard. Check the internal depth and height of the cabinet and avoid plumbing or other obstructions. The bin dimensions given on the product pages are all for the dimensions of the bin itself when fitted into the cupboard- the volume it takes up - so you can see accurately if it will fit your cupboard space.

When you're choosing an in-cupboard bin, start by measuring the external width of the cabinet, then refer to our Buying Guide to In-cupboard bins for a list of products for Pull out or Hinged doors. The simplest products have a metal frame which screws to the base of the cabinet and gives some tolerance on where to position the frame within the cupboard width. These products are generally for hinged doors.

For cabinets with pull-out doors, we have a number of products which combine frames screwed to the cabinet base and door. Thees are easy to fit and less expensive but don't include soft close runners

Other products for pull-out doors are based on soft-close 'drawer' runner systems to give you extra smooth operation and up to 30Kg load bearing performance. This is important when you consider the weight of full bins, especially at larger capacity, being moved in and out many times a day for years. Cheaper products don't often survive this workload, which is why we don't sell them!

The vast majority of In-cupboard bins are based on soft-close runners which attach to the sides of the cabinet and are designed to fit exactly into "standard" cupboard widths, assuming that the carcasses are built using 16mm, 18mm or 19mm wide MDF or wood. Some products are only designed to work with 18 or 19mm thick carcasses so check carefully before ordering.


So if you're planning to install an in-cupboard bin to help keep the kitchen tidy and deal with the extra recycling and waste that Christmas brings, please have a look at the range or start with our Buying Guide to In-cupboard bins which provides the key information you need.

As always at Binopolis just give us a call if you need any product or fitting advice and ideas. If you have cupboard dimensions and you'd like some help with choosing the right bin to fit, just email or call us and we'll be happy to help. We can help ensure that the right bin is delivered to you first time.