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Choose From Our Great Range of In-cupboard Kitchen Bins

Choose From Our Great Range of In-cupboard Kitchen Bins

At Binopolis we carry a great range of in-cupboard kitchen bins designed to hide away waste and rubbish in built-in kitchens.  Most in-cupboard bins in our range have recycling features with 2, 3 or 4 compartments but some also have a single compartment, with capacities from 19L to 72L depending on cabinet size and door type.

These bins are designed for use in either cupboards with hinged doors or for use in cupboards with pull-out doors and also for pan-drawers

For cupboards with hinged doors most units are built in a frame which is fixed to the floor of the unit and then after opening the door you can just pull out the bin on a set of runners.Some fix to cabinet side and the door and open out into the kitchen with it when opened.

Our range for bins for pan-drawers are great to make most use of the large drawers now often found in kitchen designs. 

There's a great range to choose from across leading German and Italian Brands including Hailo, Vauth-Sagel, ECO, Tecnoinox, Ninka, Wesco, Peka and Blanco

For cupboards with pull-out doors there is a choice between using a frame unit or a unit where the runners fit to each side of the cabinet.   This latter type fit the cabinets exactly so it is important to make the right choice.  The size is guided by the out cabinet size and fittings included make allowance for carcasses between 16-19mm thick.  The units with runners fitted to the sidewalls of the cabinet have soft close runners and glide in and out of the cupboard and close the last few mm on their own..

See our Buying Guide to In-cupboard Bins for further details

Call us on 01425 580474 if you want any help in making the right choice.  We are always happy to help!