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Great built-in kitchen bins for 300mm wide cabinets

Great built-in kitchen bins for 300mm wide cabinets

Do you have a 300mm wide cabinet? Choose from some 20 In-cupboard bins to free up floor space and hide away your waste: make the most of all your cupboard space. 

Our In-cupboard bins are available for all standard cabinet widths, but our 300mm range is very popular with customers in city apartments to country cottages, and all compact kitchens in between! 

ten of the 300mm bins are for pull-out doors, including the Bio Double 36L which gives you great capacity in a small space, and the extra durable Stainless Steel recycler, both based on self-contained frame units which are simply fixed to the base of the cabinet and then to the door.  

The other Pull-out options are two 300AZ Recyclers, unique in using a Blum soft-close drawer unit in the base of the cabinet with two copious buckets standing on a platform. These are available in 36L and a great 42L option which cleverly makes use of extra height in the cabinet to gain extra capacity. 

See our full range of bins for cabinets with Pull-out doors by clicking here.

The other bins for 300mm cabinets are all for use with hinged doors, based on a frame unit which is very simple to screw into the cabinet base. These recycling bins are mostly 30L in capacity, but the Big Bio Double is 36L due to its extra height at 465mm - you have a 26L and a 10L bucket which is great for food waste recycling. 

The 300mm cabinet range also includes five single-bucket bins, which many of our customers use in conjunction with either a free-standing bin or a compost pail, if they need to separate their recycling and rubbish. they come from great brands such as Blanco, Gollinucci, Hailo and Wesco.

The 32L Bio Single bin is 570mm high and 330mm deep, so it can fit in front of pipework, sockets etc. The Big Boy Waste bin is 40L which is achieved by using a depth of 450mm which will fit most standard cabinets.

It's worth remembering that the bins for Hinged doors can also be fitted in wider cabinets if you want to place a bin on one side and a water filter or more storage on the other side.

As you can tell we're used to looking into the precise measurements of these bins, and this reflects the fact that we help customers every day with choosing the right In-cupboard bin for their cabinet. This really does ensure that the right bin is supplied the first time. Because these products last many years, it's worth taking a bit of time to compare the sizes and options for your cabinet before ordering.

Just email us with your dimensions and we'll be happy to suggest the right bins to fit and make use of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

So if you want to streamline the look of your kitchen by creating a hidden bin, look at the In-cupboard bins section and just ask if you need any advice. Even a small cabinet can conceal a really good sized bin and make a big difference in how you use your kitchen space.