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Spring 2020: Best built-in kitchen bins for 600mm cabinets

Spring 2020: Best built-in kitchen bins for 600mm cabinets

Spring is always a good time to think about tidying and refreshing your kitchen and one way to create an instantly neater look is to fit an in-cupboard bin. Built-in bins can be retro-fitted into an existing kitchen, or planned in at the design stage, and our customers love how these products help them deal with recycling and waste, keeping it neatly organised and out of sight, while freeing up floor space.

We are open and despatching as normal, so if you have some time at home to give fitting an in-cupboard bin some thought, or if your fitters are continuing to work on your kitchen and need to install your bin, we hope that this summary of our bins will help you to choose the right product. Where we say a product is in stock, it can be despatched within 1 or 2 days and our free next-day delivery means it won’t be long before you can fit your bin.

Our in-cupboard bins are available for cabinet widths between 300 and 600mm (base units), and we also have bins to fit pan drawers, so there is a great choice of options but if you have a family or simply want to avoid taking the bins out too often, a 600mm cabinet is the ideal size to ensure you can install some of the largest capacity bins we have.

Bins designed for 600mm cabinets with pull-out doors, where your door is attached to the front of the bin unit and the bins slide out when you pull the door, give the largest capacity because they take up more of the interior of the cabinet. There are some options for 600mm cabinets with hinged doors, but customers often find they can take a door off its hinges, leaving them with the door as a panel to attach to a pull-out bin unit. The previous fixing holes for hinges are normally avoided by the new bin fixings, and we strongly recommend a central handle or top groove on the door for balancing the weight in pulling out. You’re welcome to get in touch if you’d like to check your cabinet or door if you’re looking to convert from a hinged door unit.

In-cupboard bins for 600mm cabinets with pull-out doors

All of our products are top quality German or Italian products which should stand up to years of use in your kitchen, with steel soft-close runner systems and a choice of recycling configurations so you can separate your recyclables and waste to suit your needs.

This is our range explained by brand:



Vauth-Sagel is a leading German manufacturer with typically solid build quality, a sleek contemporary look and unique innovations including an ‘easy-fit’ soft-close runner system included in the price.

If you are fitting your bin yourself, we suggest that Vauth-Sagel bins are one of the easiest brands to fit because they come complete with templates which you use against the cabinet sides and door to give all drilling and fixing positions. All fixings are included too, so all you need to supply is the cabinet, the door, a drill and screwdriver.

VAUTH-SAGEL: full cabinet height

An important point to check when choosing your Vauth-Sagel bin is the internal DEPTH that you have in your cabinet. This is because the taller models are available in a choice of two depths: 480mm depth is needed to fit the 85 litre models, and 515mm depth for the 91 litre models. Some customers remove a section of the cabinet back panel (as you might for access to a socket etc) to free up extra depth, but to keep your cabinet intact please check the model you need to fit your depth before ordering.

Vauth-Sagel 85L and 91L bins use much of the full height of the cabinet with lids which are fixed to the cabinet sides, still giving you extra storage space for liners. papers etc.

The ES-Pro 3-Compartment 85L Recycler has a generous 85 litre capacity made up of two 32 litre and one 21 litre inner buckets. This triple bin is 570mm high, meaning that it fits close to the top of the cabinet in most installations. It’s 476mm deep so will fit most standard cabinets. Available in a choice of Silver Grey or Lava Grey.

If you have an extra deep cabinet you can make the most of this space with the ES-Pro 3-Compartment 91L Recycler which is 515mm deep, and has two 35 litre buckets and one 21 litre bucket. Available in a choice of Silver Grey or Lava Grey.

VAUTH-SAGEL: Below drawer height

There is a choice of Vauth-Sagel bins at 470mm high and 470mm deep, which have lids which pull out independently of the bin for improved access and to create an extra shelf in your cabinet. They can potentially be fitted below a drawer and are also ideal if you don’t have a 500mm deep cabinet or have pipework or a thicker back panel taking up depth. The ES-Pro 3-Compartment 53L Recycler has one 28L bucket and two of 12.5 L. The ES-Pro 2-Compartment 56L Recycler (two 28L buckets) and the ES-Pro 2-Compartment 60L Recycler (39L and 21L, useful if you create more recycling than waste or vice versa). All are available in both Silver Grey and we have just launched them in darker Lava Grey.



Hailo bins are another great choice if you’re fitting yourself at home, because they come with an excellent set of fitting instructions and all of the fixings you need. They are solidly built to last and again the range is divided into Euro Cargo models for the full height of the cabinet, and Cargo Synchro lower height models which can be fitted below drawers and potentially below sinks.

Check your internal cabinet depth if you’re looking to fit the full-height Euro Cargo 90L In-cupboard recycler, as it is the deepest of all models for a 600mm cabinet, needing 515mm depth to fit. Two generous 38 litre heavy duty plastic inner buckets give you great capacity and there is also a 12L bin / caddy with its own lid and double handles, plus a handy 2.5L container which is useful for storing liners or as other kitchen storage. Available in light grey and dark grey finishes.

The two Hailo Cargo Synchro models for a 600mm cabinet are both 424mm high and 405mm deep, making them a great choice for fitting below sinks or where you have restricted depth. An added feature is the sheet steel lid which has an independent sliding mechanism and a non-slip rubber mat on top, making it extra useful for storage of liners, cleaning materials etc. Choose the configuration of compartments to suit your recycling needs: the Cargo Synchro 56L recycler has two 28 litre bins, or the triple Cargo Synchro 54L recycler with one 28 Litre and two 13 Litre compartments (one with a lid - ideal for food waste).



This innovative Italian range is again a great choice if you are fitting at home, supplied with all you need including very clear and simple instructions. The reason these bins are so popular with customers at home and with professional kitchen designers and fitters is that they offer great capacity of bin containers in a relatively compact depth, making fitting in most installations possible.

Why do the Gollinucci bins have such great capacity? The answer is the fantastic design of the soft-close runners, made as slim and sleek as possible to create more width for the bin containers themselves. In the model for a 600mm unit, this means that two 40 litre bins can fit into a depth of only 458mm. Even if you don’t have restricted depth, the Gollinucci bins are worth fitting if you’d like to have individual lids on the bin containers included in the price, and you have the option of adding an overall cabinet-wide lid too.


If you are a bit more used to measuring and marking out with accuracy in DIY projects, Wesco Pullboy Z soft-close bins can be fitted by customers at home or of course by a fitter or carpenter. They come with a set of runners and side panels called the Blum Tandembox and it is the combination of these two top German manufacturers coming together with the bin parts (Wesco) and the soft-close mechanism (Blum) which makes them such effective products but adds just a degree of complexity in fitting.

Rest assured though that we do provide our customers at Binopolis with our own emailed extra fitting notes. And being real people we are here to help too!

WESCO: Full cabinet height

From Wesco we have two extra large 80+ litre bins. The Wesco Pullboy-Z 827640-11 has two huge 40L inner buckets, and the Pullboy-Z 827618-11 has two 32L buckets plus two 10L ones. To help imagine these capacities, it’s worth remembering that 30 litres is the capacity of many single standard kitchen pedal bins. As an example, the 32L Wesco bucket is 53cm tall and the 40L is 50cm tall (40cm wide), so at around half a metre high these are great capacity buckets. With two hidden in your cabinet, this represents enough capacity for a family and for a smaller household would mean fewer trips to the wheelie bins. It’s not surprising that these are two of our most popular in-cupboard bins.

Another of our most popular bins, the Wesco Pullboy-Z 828614-11, also features two of the 32L buckets. This product is significant because it is 576mm high but instead of the standard 500mm depth, it is 450mm deep making it a great choice for customers with pipework or a reduced depth cabinet.

WESCO: Below drawer height

The choice of Wesco Pullboy Z bins to fit in a 600mm cabinet below a drawer includes the 827616-11 which is 471mm high and has 72L of capacity across 4 buckets. For even lower fitting heights, the 827608-11 is 400mm high, meaning you could fit its 4 buckets with total 60L capacity below shelves or potentially a sink installation. A great pull-out option for 600mm sink units is the 829603-11N which is just 335mm high and 400mm deep, so it should clear pipework in most sink installations: please check your dimensions in-situ.



Ninka bins are supplied with many of the premium kitchens on the market including Siematic and we are pleased to bring you them to fit at home, whether you have a new kitchen or not. We do suggest that the fitting is best for experienced DIY-ers or by your kitchen fitter or carpenter: accuracy of measurement and precision in putting the parts together is needed but again we do supply extra fitting notes which we’ve produced only for Binopolis customers.

Once fitted the Ninka bins are worth a little time taken to install them: the Ninka containers are particularly durable and strong and one particular model, the 84 litre is one of our best sellers because it gives you two 42 litre compartments. The 4-compartment 80 litre model comes with two 32-Litre and two 8-Litre containers, and individual lids are available for the 8 litre ones for effective storage of food waste.



Absolutely premium bins from a professional kitchen equipment manufacturer with the unique features of aluminium bin containers, and aluminium overall lids which move down to touch the bins when the cabinet door is closed. The Tecnoinox 74L Single Compartment model is THE LARGEST capacity single bin for any cabinet, essentially with an aluminium double-walled construction bin container giving the stability needed for a container of this size. There are two and three compartment models available too for 600mm cabinets, supplied complete with Blum Legrabox drawer systems into which the containers sit. Strong enough for commercial use, the Tecnoinox bins are also an ultimate addition to a home kitchen.



Blanco bins are designed with low heights and compact depths, making them ideally suited to installation below sinks or drawers. They are brilliantly simple for installation yourself at home, complete with an easy to use template. For a 600mm cabinet you can choose from the 2-compartment Select Orga which comes with the added innovation of an upper organisation drawer which acts as the lid on top and is designed to fit either side of most U-bends. Or there are the Select 2 or 3 compartment models with sliding steel lids, plus the Compact model for small spaces.



As you can tell from our very detailed blog, we know our products well, and choose only the best. We provide 100% human service, which is reflected in our Platinum Award for our genuine customer reviews. We help customers every day with choosing the right In-cupboard bin for their cabinet size and for their recycling needs. This really does ensure that the right bin is supplied the first time.