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Built-in In-cupboard Bins for kitchen cabinets with 400mm wide doors

Built-in In-cupboard Bins for kitchen cabinets with 400mm wide doors

A built-in bin keeps the hub of the home looking sleek and minimal. Neatly concealed within a kitchen cabinet, an integrated bin keeps your recycling and waste neatly sorted and out of sight. 

Our extensive collection of in-cupboard bins from Wesco and Vauth-Sagel are some of the strongest and most durable available and they are perfect for fitting into your existing kitchen furniture or into a new kitchen scheme. 

Our range includes In-cupboard bins for all standard cabinet widths, divided between bins to attach to pull-out doors and those for fitting inside cabinets with hinged doors. So if you're planning your new kitchen, or need a new recycling and waste solution to freshen up and tidy your kitchen, we should have an integrated bin to suit you.

Please get in touch for help with choosing a bin for any size cabinet, but this blog is all about 400mm cabinets: read on for our suggestions for both Pull-out and Hinged doors


We offer a choice of 14 bin units for 400mm wide cabinets with pull-out doors. All are top quality products which should stand up to years of use in your kitchen, with steel runner mechanisms and a choice of recycling configurations so you can separate your recyclables and waste to suit your needs.

they are from some great German and Italian brands including Vauth-Sagel, Hailo, Ninka, Gollinucci and Wesco.


Most of bins for 400mm cabinets make as much use of the vertical height as possible but come with an overall shelf / lid which can be used to store cleaning cloths or liners.

This excellent customer review on our Feefo feedback site sums up the sort of products we provide: "This bin assembly is a perfect fit for a Howdens 400mm base unit and glides in and out smoothly. The two containers are of a generous size (only slightly less than a normal swing bin) and easy to remove for emptying and cleaning. The unit appears to be robust and well made enough to stand up to prolonged use - but clearly only time will tell on this point. There's a very handy shelf included over the top of the bins where bin bags can be stored - and which should also help to contain any nasty bin-smells! Fitting was quick and easy once I'd figured out what went where, although getting the door attached and adjusted exactly right does take care and attention. Very practical and completely hidden from view until it's needed, all in all we're very pleased with this neat, fully integrated solution to the kitchen waste-bin problem."

To help imagine the overall capacity , it’s worth remembering that 30 litres is the capacity of many single standard kitchen bins (usually the cylindrical type). 


Three of the options we offer fit comfortably under a drawer (others may also but as always check the overall dimensions and the space in your cabinet). These include 2 great capacity bins from Gollinucci which have two 29 Litre bins making a great option for separating out waste and recycling.



It's worth remembering that most of our bins for Hinged doors are designed as self-contained ‘frame’ units, ready to simply screw into the cabinet base. This means they can be positioned flexibly and fitted in wider cabinets if you want to place a bin on one side and a water filter, heater or more storage on the other side.  

Some of the most useful and effective bins for hinged doors will fit into the width of a 400mm cabinet, but check the depth and height of each product particularly if you have pipework to work around. 

Two of our best selling bins are the Wesco 64L bin with 2 large 32l buckets and the Hafele 64L bin unit, again with two 32 litre buckets but with a steel pull-out handle and lid and handles on both buckets.

Triple compartment bins are so useful if you need to separate your recycling and waste into three sections: all can be neatly sorted and hidden away in the cabinet. The Hailo Tandem 3 compartment bin  has one 18L and two 8.5L buckets (one with its one lid - ideal for food wate), and with a height of 346mm this is a very popular bin for fitting triple recycling separation into a compact cabinet space.

One happy customer reports “I purchased the largest unit I could fit in the cupboard and am very pleased with it as a smaller one would not have worked so well with a family of 5.  The clutter is now hide-able but when we are cooking/cleaning we leave it open to fire everything in as we go. The floor area next to the back door used to build up with an overflowing caddy ready for the trip in the rain to the compost or out to the recycling bins so this is a brilliant solution.  Everyone I have shown is impressed.”

Our range of Wesco products with Stainless Steel inner buckets make them particularly good for commercial kitchens where hygiene regulations can often stipulate stainless steel finishes, but its durability and craftsmanship make it a great choice for homes too.


We help customers every day with choosing the right In-cupboard bin for their cabinet size and for their recycling needs. This really does ensure that the right bin is supplied the first time. 

Because these products last many years, it's worth taking a bit of time to compare the sizes and options for your cabinet before ordering. Just email or call us with your dimensions and we'll be happy to suggest the right bins to fit. We can help over the phone too, looking at options at the same time on the site and discussing the features and sizes. 

So if you want to make great use of your 400mm cabinet, or any cabinet, by creating a hidden bin, look at our In-cupboard bins section and our Buying Guide to In-cupboard Bins, which identifies some of the key aspects and things to consider. Please just ask if you need any advice, we can help with both design ideas and technical queries.