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NEW premium range of In-cupboard kitchen recycling bins from Vauth-Sagel

NEW premium range of In-cupboard kitchen recycling bins from Vauth-Sagel

Vauth-Sagel Integrated bins bring premium quality and unique design to our In-cupboard bins range at Binopolis.

Why is it the only other In-cupboard range we want to bring you, alongside our already popular range of fantastic Wesco products? The production quality of Vauth-Sagel equals Wesco and once again the manufacturing expertise of this German family business shines through in its products.

The side panels, frames and lids are triple coated in a sleek platinum coloured finish which is extra tough and stylish to look at. Vauth-Sagel manufacture both steel and plastic parts and this ensures that the inner buckets are strong and also a perfect seamless fit into their frame.

If Audi, Lamborghini, BMW and Volkswagen made bins, this is what they'd be like. Not such a strange thought, as Vauth-Sagel design and produce parts for all of these companies together with a huge range of cabinet drawers and baskets for SieMatic kitchens. 

When you see which other businesses they partner with, it makes perfect sense that their own products are of premium quality and also full of innovative design features. These include:

1. A unique system of 'easy-fit' soft-close runners for the bins, which fit to the sides of the cabinet using the template provided and simple fixings All supplied with your bin).

2. A lid set on independent sliders, so that it can be pulled out as a separate shelf strong enough for cleaning materials, liners, papers etc. It's then pushed back in to cover the bins when the cabinet is closed. It's really an extra cabinet feature included in the price of the bin. (note this is available on the lower Vauth-Sagel bins (under 470mm high). The lids on the taller bins are fixed to the side of the cabinet and do not slide out.)

3. The handles on the inner bins have angled corners which align closely together to form a frame around the bins and stop small pieces falling down between the buckets. The handles are particularly strong when lifted up to take the weight of the bin contents. Liners can be fitted around the tops of the bins and held in place with the handles. 

4. The styling is minimal and sleek which compliments contemporary kitchen designs, but of course the bins can fit into a cabinet of any design and create a hidden recycling bin with smooth functionality in any cupboard.

We have the core range of 1, 2 and 3 compartment Vauth-Sagel bins for cabinets with pull-out doors, from 300mm to 600mm wide. The depth taken up by the bins varies from 470mm to 515mm so check that the one you have selected fits the depth of your cabinet.. 

Please get in touch if we can help with any more information on these fantastic products, or you want to check if they will fit your cupboard, just call or email with your dimensions and we'll work it out and confirm the best product for you.

Vauth-Sagel in-cupboard bins are an investment in premium quality which will work beautifully for you for many years to come.