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Drawer-based integrated kitchen bins

Drawer-based integrated kitchen bins

Behind closed drawers: our new Hailo in-cupboard bins will transform kitchen drawers into hidden recycling systems. Easy to retrofit or for incorporating into a new kitchen design to ensure it is as efficient and ergonomic as possible, these new bins have been designed for use within your existing drawer using your own cabinet door or drawer front for a sleek and streamlined kitchen. 

This new range has been created with pan drawers in mind and also provides great solutions for using the space below sink installations: the systems stand 430mm above the internal drawer base to the top of the steel lid, so could be fitted below a sink if you have the height available.

We are always looking for bins which will help make the most of your space and allow you to integrate recycling into your kitchen where you need it most: near to where you prepare food and clear away the waste. These new bins add to our already wide range of built-in in-cupboard bins.

There are 3 models for 500mm, 600mm and 800mm wide cabinets: all need to be used with a drawer with a minimum overall depth of 450mm (measured on the runners), and a minimum of 400mm depth inside the drawer itself.

500mm drawers

The Hailo Triple XL Recycling System for 500mm-wide drawers offers a generous 49-litre capacity, which is split between a large 30-litre bin and a separate 19-litre compartment. The bin system comes with a full width steel lid which fits to the cabinet sides, covering the bins when the drawer is closed.

600mm drawers

Slightly larger, the Hailo Triple XL Recycling System designed for use with 600mm-wide drawer units, boasts a 56-litre capacity. It has one 30-litre and two 13-litre bins, which are perfect for sorting and storing recycling. It also has a full-width lid which is strong enough to use as a handy shelf. 

800mm drawers

The biggest model within the new range is the Hailo Triple XL Recycling System for 800mm-wide drawers, which has a generous 79-litre capacity, making it perfect for large households. As well as two 30-litre bins, it also features a 19-litre container for added flexibility. It too comes complete with a lid to fit in an 800mm external width cabinet, which doubles up as a storage shelf.

Each of the new, high-quality, drawer-based Hailo Triple XL Recycling Systems feature bins that are made from strong, easy-clean, grey plastic, which are held neatly in position by steel frames. Like many of the bins within the Binopolis portfolio, the new Hailo Triple XL Recycling Systems come with free, next-day delivery and, for added peace of mind, a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you are looking to transform an existing drawer into a super-functional waste and recycling bin or incorporate one into your initial kitchen design to ensure it is in a practical, ergonomic position, we have a model to suit your needs. If you don’t have a drawer but would like to add one to your cabinet in order to install a bin, we can supply a Blum soft-close drawer mechanism, base and back: get in touch with us before ordering so we can supply the best type for your needs.

Note: Since this blog was first posted this range of Hailo bins has been discontinued. However, we now have a much wider range of bins suitable for drawers and pan-drawers for width from 600mm up to 1200mm from Wesco, Gollinucci and Tecnoinox. Check them out here: