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The Best Freestanding Single Compartment Bins

The Best Freestanding Single Compartment Bins

A single compartment freestanding bin is probably one of the first things most people think of when it comes to ‘kitchen bins’. But did you know that single compartment kitchen bins come in countless colours, styles, shapes and sizes? They are not confined to the traditional black or stainless steel bins you may be imagining (although those are certainly still an option too!).

We stock an extensive range of single compartment bins to ensure that you can find the right model to suit your kitchen interiors.

Not sure where to start? Here, we explore some of the most popular single compartment bins on the market.

Freestanding Single Compartment Bins

Expertly-designed freestanding bins offer a stylish waste solution, ideal for sleek, modern kitchens.

Stylish bins can become a design feature in their own right – you may choose to match your bin’s colour and style with other elements in your space for a cohesive look.

However, the extensive range of freestanding bins also means you will find discrete and more compact options too; ideal if you don’t want to draw attention to your waste, but still want a quietly attractive kitchen feature.

You’ll also be able to customise your experience by choosing the opening method that suits your space and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a touch, pedal, push or sensor opening mechanism, there are plenty of bins to choose from with these different options.

Made by top brands like Brabantia, Wesco and Joseph Joseph, these bins excel in function as well as style.

A powder blue Brabantia bin in a white kitchen

Wesco Single Compartment Freestanding Bins

Wesco is a market leader when it comes to kitchen bins, and their range of single compartment freestanding bins offers a great deal in terms of style, colour and function.

Wesco Pushboy Single Compartment Kitchen Bin

The Wesco Pushboy is perhaps one of their most iconic styles. With the classic retro look and a great selection of vivid colours along with sleek neutrals, this model makes a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

The 50 litre bin is incredibly durable and will keep your space looking great and free of waste and the associated odours for years to come. With a polished steel push flap, operation is convenient and accessible.

You will also find a more compact version of the standard Pushboy style with the Wesco Pushboy Junior – this has a capacity of 22 litres, which is ideal if you don’t produce much waste.

Explore the eye-catching range of colours available in this style! Favourites include:

  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Almond
  • Lime Green
  • Pink
  • Yellow

Three different coloured Wesco Pushboy bins

Wesco Kickboy Single Compartment Pedal Bin

If you love the classic Wesco style but prefer a foot pedal opening method, the Wesco Kickboy might just be the perfect model for you.

Like the Pushboy, this bin has that iconic retro silhouette but provides a hands-free experience. The 40 litre bin pairs the polished steel lid with a foot pedal with the same finish. The lid flap opens into the bin, maximising efficiency and making it great for tighter spaces.

You’ll also find this range in a variety of colours, including striking red, mint and more.

A white Wesco Kickboy in a modern kitchen

Wesco One Boy Single Compartment Kitchen Bin

If the rounded shape of the bins mentioned above isn’t right for your space, the Wesco One Boy offers a more geometric silhouette with that same retro flavour.

Constructed with premium materials, the powder-coated sheet metal body and stainless steel lid and pedal combine to create a durable and stylish product.

This bin has a generous 40 litres of capacity, ideal for the average household.

Brabantia Single Compartment Freestanding Bins

If you’re after super-stylish bins, you won’t do much better than a Brabantia bin! Brabantia is known for its recognisable designs and high-quality products, bringing personality and efficiency to your kitchen.

The best Brabantia bins

Brabantia Bo Touch Single Compartment Kitchen Bin

The Brabantia Bo Touch bin has a minimal yet stylish design that will look at home in any kitchen interior. Its sleek shape means it can slot anywhere into your space without being obtrusive.

The easy-to-clean touch lids open smoothly and quietly, remaining open until you are ready to close it. The 60 litre inner plastic bucket can be easily removed for convenient cleaning and emptying. This design is available in numerous colours, from white to matt black.

For a more elevated look, you can opt for the Bo Touch Hi, which has the same look but is sat on four sleek legs. This range also offers 60 litre bins along with a slightly more compact 36 litre version.

A Brabantia Bo Touch bin in a black kitchen

Brabantia Bo Pedal Single Compartment Kitchen Bin

The Brabantia Bo Pedal has similar features as those mentioned above, with the added convenience of providing a hands-free experience.

The single compartment bin opens when you lightly touch the foot pedal. The soft-close feature means the lid also closes smoothly and quietly.

The body of the bin is durable and easy to wipe clean. Again, you can choose from a range of colours, ensuring you can find the right fit for your space.

This model is available with either 36 litres or 60 litres of waste storage.

A Brabantia Bo Pedal in soft beige

In-Cupboard Single Compartment Bins

If you want a single compartment bin, you’ll likely be looking at freestanding options primarily, but did you know that you can get in-cupboard single compartment bins?

Freestanding or in-cupboard kitchen bins

Integrated bins are a great waste storage solution and are ideal if you want to hide away waste behind a cabinet door or if you want to make use of awkward cupboard space.

This efficient use of space is handy if you don’t produce a lot of rubbish or already have a recycling sorting system and need a bin for general waste.

Good examples of this option include:

You could put multiple single compartment bins in cupboards with hinged doors that aren’t used to really make the most of wasted space. As in-cupboard bins for hinged doors sit inside a self-contained frame that’s attached to the cabinet floor, you can fit two bins side by side – for example, installing two 300mm width bins into one 600mm cabinet.

This is another good way to sort your waste if you produce large quantities of a particular kind of recycling. The Wesco Big Boy is a great option if you want to fit two generous capacity bins into a 600mm wide cabinet.

An in-cupboard Wesco bin

This is just a hint of what our collection of single compartment integrated bins has to offer. Shop our range of in-cupboard kitchen bins for numerous cabinet sizes now to find the perfect product for your space.

Hopefully, we have given you the insight you need to choose the best single compartment bin to suit your kitchen! If you are still unsure about anything or would like to chat with us about a particular product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Binopolis team.

To read up on all the expert advice when it comes to kitchen bins, you can also head over to our blog.