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9 Essential Features for a Modern Kitchen

9 Essential Features for a Modern Kitchen

Unsurprisingly, the kitchen is often one of the first rooms homeowners look to renovate or refresh as it is a space where we spend so much of our time doing so many different things. We cook, eat, clean, work and socialise in this central hub, so it must be a space that is designed with functionality at the forefront.

These days, there are countless modern kitchen appliances, gadgets and design choices that help you make the most of your space, but which are absolute essentials? Here are some of our favourite practical ways to ensure your kitchen can perform all its functions at its best.

Embracing Organised Kitchen Design

One of the most important things for any modern kitchen is organisation. Is there enough space for everything you need and is it all easily accessible?

Embracing the right design features and other smart storage solutions is integral to ensuring you can keep your counters clutter-free and kitchen safe while making sure everything is still on-hand for when you need it.

A well-planned kitchen will have practicality at its core and will consider the best ways cabinets and storage units can be organised in accordance with the dimensions of the space and how each area is going to be used.

Many of the following features have been stated as kitchen essentials that people couldn’t live without, according to recent industry research, so may prove to be just the things your kitchen is missing!

A pull-out integrated kitchen bin

1. Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Smart kitchen storage doesn’t stop with a couple of shelves. In fact, there are numerous ways you can make the most of every inch of available space.

Custom storage solutions for awkward corners or recesses can be helpful; corner storage units that swing out to provide easy access, for instance, are incredibly popular.

Many also find that they cannot do without organisational cutlery inserts that help you store utensils and other accessories uniformly, ensuring everything is on clear display to save you from having to dig through everything until you find what you need.

A corner bin for an under-sink cabinet

2. Integrated In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

Claiming another top spot on the list of people’s priorities when creating an organised, functional kitchen are in-cupboard kitchen bins.

At Binopolis, we’re certainly no strangers to the benefits of integrated bins and have seen how they’ve only continued to increase in popularity as people seek the best possible storage options for their homes.

In-cupboard recycling bins help free up floor space and keep waste hidden to provide a sleek, clean look for your kitchen. No matter if your cabinets have pull-out or hinged doors, you’ll be able to find a bin that suits your capacity and dimension requirements.

Opting for an in-cupboard bin is one of the best ways to maximise your storage capabilities.

Someone removing a food waste bin from a large multi-compartment bin

3. Pan Drawers

Pan drawers are yet another useful storage solution as they are often the most practical way to store your pots and pans.

They can also make good alternatives to full-size cabinets when considering where to put your hidden bin. Pan drawer bins can be incredibly handy for a kitchen of any size.

Bins for pan drawers tend to be smaller in capacity than bins for full-height units – this can be ideal for people who don’t throw away as much waste but still want several recycling options or don’t have a suitable full-height cabinet to turn into a bin.

A pan drawer bin

4. Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

Good lighting is essential for both the overall feel and ambience of your kitchen and its level of functionality.

Under-cabinet lighting looks especially appealing, bringing a warm glow and brightness to even the darkest corners. It also illuminates countertops more effectively than general overhead lighting, so you can more comfortably prepare and cut food or perform other tasks.

Incorporating different layers of lighting (general, task and mood) is beneficial as it creates a more depth and atmosphere, making your kitchen a more pleasant space to spend time in.

A modern kitchen with white bin

5. Dedicated Kitchen Larder Cupboards

Full-size larders or separate pantry cupboards offer all the room you need to store food, but dedicating enough space for a traditional walk-in larder is unrealistic for many, especially in smaller kitchens.

This is why built-in or pull-out pantry cupboards are ideal – they give you all the storage options you need while being seamlessly integrated into the rest of your kitchen cabinet layout.

Many modern pull-out pantries will have clever food storage methods that make the most of vertical space, ideal for narrow but deep cabinets.

A grey Brabantia bin

6. Separate Utility Rooms or Cupboards

Cleaning is yet another task the kitchen must help us perform, and ensuring there is storage for cleaning suppliers and laundry utilities is a must for many homeowners.

Having a separate room connecting to the kitchen that houses the washing machine and tumble dryer is a luxury that many may not have. But this does not mean you cannot make completing laundry and cleaning tasks an easier process.

Just as waste and recycling bins can be added to kitchen cabinets, so too can laundry bins. Built-in laundry bins give you a more convenient place to store your dirty or clean laundry, helping to keep you more organised.

A utility room with an integrated laundry bin

7. Kitchen Backsplashes as a Focal Point

Backsplashes, whether you go for tile, glass or metal, are incredibly useful for helping you maintain a clean and sleek-looking kitchen. They are easy to wipe clean and provide a great opportunity for you to play with colour and patterns.

If you choose a particularly bold or vibrant colour, your backsplash can become a stylish focal point which you can match with or contrast against other kitchen appliances. For example, a red backsplash paired with a red bin or kettle in an otherwise minimally-coloured kitchen can provide an especially eye-catching effect.

Alternatively, freestanding bins in neutral colours such as beige, grey and white can blend into your interior for a more subtle look.

If you want to embrace this idea in your home, explore our range of coloured bins.

A grey Totem bin in a grey kitchen

8. Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances

No more than ever, it’s important to invest in energy-efficient kitchen appliances that help you save money and incorporate more eco-friendly technologies in the long run.

Although it can be tempting to update your kitchen with all the latest gadgets, it is often best to restrict your purchases to the things you actually need and the appliances that are suited to your space. This ensures you don’t waste space or energy.

Kitting your kitchen out in efficient, energy-saving appliances also helps future-proof your home and makes sure functionality remains a top priority.

An in-cupboard bin in a sleek, modern kitchen

9. A Lack of Clutter

The core tenets of functionality and practicality means that everything has a place in a modern, well-thought-out kitchen.
Incorporating plenty of smart storage solutions removes the need to store pots, pans or utensils on countertops and helps reduce visual clutter.

When workspaces and dining tables are clear of clutter, they can function at their best for their intended purpose. Having less ‘stuff’ can also help create a more peaceful space, making it more enjoyable to spend time in.

A multi-compartment Vauth-Sagel bin in a sleek, clean kitchen

How you design your kitchen will largely depend on personal preference and how you want your space to look and feel. But for most people, embracing clever storage solutions and other functional essentials is how they will get the most out of their kitchen.

If you are considering incorporating an in-cupboard bin into your kitchen as a way to maximise your waste storage, you can read our extensive selection of guides and product highlights to see which bin may be right for you.

You can also get in touch with the Binopolis team if you have any queries, and we will point you to the right product.

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