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Introducing Tecnoinox pull-out In-cupboard Kitchen Bins: Superb Italian Styling & Craftsmanship

Introducing Tecnoinox pull-out In-cupboard Kitchen Bins: Superb Italian Styling & Craftsmanship

We only sell top quality products and our in-cupboard bins from manufacturers such as Vauth-Sagel, Ninka and Hailo are all expertly engineered using the best materials to give you fantastic and long-lasting functionality.

Our latest addition to our in-cupboard range continues our quest for the best and we are delighted to bring you Tecnoinox, the ultimate in built-in bins.

Why are Tecnoinox bins so special?

Firstly, they are manufactured in Italy and are closely related to a range of top-end professional kitchen equipment, used by the best restaurants and chefs.

This relationship to sleek steel and aluminium chef’s kitchens informs the design of the Tecnoinox bins, which are unique in featuring inner bin containers made from aluminium for durability and structural stability in use. 

Using aluminium for the inner containers also allows the creation of the largest capacity single compartment in any in-cupboard bin that we know. This is a huge 72 litres and the bin itself is precision made with double walled construction, a smart dark grey coating, rounded external corners for safety plus a pair of metal handles.

The second unique feature of the Tecnoinox bins, and one which provides a solution to an issue we are often asked about, is the patented aluminium lid design.

The lid is unique in that it moves. More specifically it lifts up (from a rear pivot) when the cabinet door is opened, but even more importantly it closes down onto the top of the bin when the door is closed. There is a rubber-like layer on the underside of the lid and when this rests onto the top of the bin unit it forms a light but effective seal to close the bin contents off and to control odours.

This unique feature will help to provide a solution for controlling odours which can be particularly important in open plan areas or kitchens which also contain the dining table. This includes many of our customers who live in city apartments but of course anyone who wants this feature will be pleased to have found it.

The huge 72 litre single compartment bin is for a 600mm cabinet and double and triple compartment versions are also available for this cabinet size, again with aluminium bin containers and the aluminium closing lids. There is also a model to fit cabinets with a 450mm door, with one large 55 litre container.

In addition to the 72L single compartment bin bin for a 600mm cabinet there is a 70 Litre 2-compartment model and two 3-compartment bins with 89 Litres and 108 Litres capacity respectively. 

The Tecnoinox bins are designed so that the bin containers stand in a soft-close drawer. We are supplying the bins complete with a top quality Blum Legrabox drawer with Orion Grey sides: the perfect compliment to the Tecnoinox bin unit. Your door is attached to the bin unit in two places for extra stability: once to the drawer at the base of the door, and also at the mid-height with two metal supports to brace between the bin structure and the door.

Tecnoinox have been developing premium quality steel and aluminium professional kitchen equipment for 40 years. The bins are designed and assembled in their own factories in Northern Italy. Tecnoinox say “Materials are our obsession, we choose carefully, we test, we experiment, and we work with the utmost attention and passion”.

This obsession with design, materials and build quality means that their models are the ultimate in premium quality integrated bins, whether you have a professional kitchen, busy office or simply want the best for your home kitchen particularly to include the odour-controlling lid feature and the extra large and durable aluminium containers.

If you have any queries about the Tecnoinox bins, just give us a call or drop us an email. To see the bins please click here