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Best Kitchen Bins 2023: Stylish, quality recycling bins for your home

Best Kitchen Bins 2023: Stylish, quality recycling bins for your home

Our expert's selection of top bins for 2023

The right bin can help in transforming your kitchen into a clean, well-designed space that exudes both style and function. Depending on your needs, there are numerous kitchen bins to choose from, with the two main options being in-cupboard bins and freestanding bins. So, how do you pick the best bin for your needs? We've rounded up some of our favourite kitchen bins for your home in 2023:


Vauth Sagel ES-Pro In-Cupboard Recycling Bin

Best Overall:

Vauth-Sagel ES-Pro In-Cupboard Recycling Bins

For those who want a recycling bin that will fit discreetly in your kitchen, the ES-Pro 2 Compartment bin is our favourite for 2023. We love in-cupboard bins here at Binopolis as they are a brilliant solution to hide your waste, reduce clutter, save space, and look good in any kitchen. These bins are of high quality with a steel construction meaning they are robust and long lasting, they even make fittings for Lamborghini! Soft close runners give you a super light and smooth function when pulling in and out. 

These ES-Pro range feature between 2 and 3 compartments to accommodate your recycling needs and a efficient, large capacity. The ES-Pro range fits cabinets from 300mm and 600mm wide; and come in two depths, so you can find the right fit for your kitchen.












Joseph Joseph Totem Max 60L recycling bin

Best For Versatility:

Joseph Joseph Totem Max 60L recycling bins

Despite taking up no more floor space than a standard bin, the Totem Max is highly versatile and utilises an ingenious design to make the most of your space. It has a generous capacity at 60 litres, with two 30-litre compartments plus an integrated food caddy so you can sort out your recycling and waste to suit your needs. An integrated carbon filter helps eliminate smells too!

All in all this excellent design comes in a choice of stylish colours that complement any kitchen décor—and because it includes wheels on the lower, emptying it becomes much easier as well!












Hailo Euro Cargo 4 Compartment 90L

Best For Food Waste:

Hailo Euro Cargo 4 Compartment 90L

If you're looking for a kitchen bin that's easy to clean, looks good and can deal with all your food waste from cooking and preparing meals, then this is the one for you. The Hailo Euro Cargo 4 Compartment 90L has four separate compartments for separating different types of waste - two 38L buckets and one 12L food waste container with lid to keep it separate from other waste, and means you don't need to have a counter top caddy taking up valuable worktop space. This makes it the perfect match for the home cooking maestro!

The top quality materials and precision design ensure long-lasting functionality while soft close runners give it a smooth feel in operation. Available in both dark grey or light grey finishes, this product is perfect for modern kitchens that need something stylish but practical.












Brabantia Bo Hi Touch 2 Compartment 60L Recycling Bin

Best For Style:

Brabantia Bo Hi Touch 2 Compartment 60L Recycling Bins

This stylish recycling bin is perfect for the kitchen. It comes in a range of neutral and bright colours to best suit your kitchen, with a unique touch lid that opens when you touch it. The bin is made from part recycled stainless steel, so you can be sure it's eco-friendly. The legs elevate the bin for ergonomic use, and its unique look will look great in any contemporary or modern space. It's the bin that's designed not to look like a bin, and is frequently featured in interior design magazines.

The Brabantia Bo Hi Touch 2 Compartment 60L Recycling Bin comes in either one or two compartments so you can choose which works best for your needs!












Wesco Big Bio Double 2 Compartment Recycler

Best For Convenience:

Wesco Big Bio Double 2 Compartment Recycler

The Wesco Big Bio Double 2 Compartment Recycler is an excellent choice if you want to make your kitchen more convenient by installing a bin into a hinged door cabinet. This particular model fits a 400mm wide cabinet but if you put it into a wider cabinet, you can use the space left on either side for extra storage. This makes it a brilliant choice for those who would like an in-cupboard bin, but are limited on space or size requirements and want something easy to install, that still functions brilliantly!












Brabantia Single Compartment 60L Round Big Bin

Best For Businesses:

Brabantia Single Compartment 60L Round Big Bin

If you're looking for a bin that has the capacity and style to fit into your office or kitchen, this Brabantia bin will be a great choice. It comes in a sleek black or stainless steel finish, making it a stylish addition to any environment, and it has a singular large compartment to keep pace with a busy kitchen or office.

The lid lifts with ease thanks to its large grip handle and all parts are easy to clean, and has a removable rim to easily replace liners and keep them secure in place. You can line these up in a row to create a smart recycling set up, ideal for offices, cafe's, restaurants, gyms, salons, and more.












The best kitchen bins and recyclers from the best brands


Here at Binopolis, we are experts in kitchen bins and offer a wide range of high quality and stylish bins to suit a variety of needs. If you were unable to find the right fit from these products, do not worry! Please browse our comprehensive range or contact our friendly customer service team to find the right product for you.

With free next day delivery on orders over £45, and award winning customer service, Binopolis is the best place to buy kitchen bins online!