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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Bins: Sustainable Recycling (Binopolis)

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Bins: Sustainable Recycling (Binopolis)

Looking for eco-friendly kitchen bins that make separating waste a breeze? At Binopolis, we understand the importance of sustainability. That's why we offer a wide range of eco-friendly kitchen bins designed to help you manage your waste efficiently and responsibly. Our bins are not only practical and stylish, but also manufactured with the environment in mind.

Since Binopolis was founded in 2014 we’ve taken climate considerations seriously, bringing you an extensive range of recycling bins to make separating waste more efficient and sustainable whilst enhancing your kitchen. We aim to select products that are manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner with post-life recycling or reuse plans. The high quality of our products means that they should last for many years, so you can buy well with us.

Amongst our brands we have some of the most environmentally conscious manufacturers of bins. For example Brabantia has Official B Corp certification, recognised for positive impact on people and the environment. and in line with their goal of moving towards 100% circular design by 2035. All of the Brabantia products we sell have been awarded Cradle-to-Cradle certification, which assesses products on their material quality and recycling, the use of renewable energy in the production as well as how carbon emissions are managed in the process.

Of our in-cupboard bin manufacturers, all are top quality manufacturers and so their products will provide many years of excellent service, parts are usually available for our customers if needed to refresh or repair a product, and this avoids the practice of built-in obsolescence which is still all too common in some manufacturing. As a great example Vauth-Sagel manufacture all parts at their own sites in Germany, which means that they control all materials and processes, using a high proportion of recycled materials, recycling off cuts back into the tooling process, using solvent free powder coating instead of paint and have ensured that every part of their bin units which we sell are 100% recyclable at end of use. 

If I buy a bin from Binopolis how do I contribute to the environment?

If you buy a recycling bin from Binopolis and use it to separate out your recyclable materials from your waste, then if you continue this separation into the various outside bins from your own local authority recycling scheme, you are already making a meaningful contribution to producing some material for effective recycling and re-use.

To further our environmental commitment we’ve partnered with Greenspark which means that for every order you place with us, you make your contribution to three real-life and highly effective initiatives. 

Firstly you’ll help fund the planting of one tree through Eden Reforestation Projects; secondly you’ll help collect two plastic bottles through Plastic Bank, who place a value on plastic waste by setting up recycling systems in coastal communities; and thirdly you’ll support offsetting of 10 kgs of C02 through community initiatives such as funding new cookstoves and clean energy generation. 

Which environmental initiatives does Binopolis support?

Plant Trees
Nearly 75% of the earth’s surface has been altered and impacted by human activity, including deforestation which is a fundamental risk for nearly 1.6 billion people worldwide who depend on forests for their livelihood. Every tree you plant when buying your bin from us helps to employ local communities to plant trees, empowering them to earn wages and benefit from growing crops, all within the aim of alleviating extreme poverty through local environmental management. Reforestation not only restores the natural environment for people and animals but also allows for food production and can restore correct weather patterns and reduce flooding. The project we contribute to, Eden Reforestation, has planted over 500 million trees since 2005, with around 20 million new trees hand planted each month.

Rescue Plastic
Today, over 5 trillion pieces of plastic litter our seas. The project we contribute to is called Plastic Bank which pays local people in coastal communities to collect plastic waste, which is sorted, weighed and exchanged for digital tokens that can be exchanged for basic necessities such as groceries and cooking fuel, but also for things which we take for granted such as school tuition. The collected material is reborn as Social Plastic® which can be easily reintegrated into products and packaging as part of a closed-loop supply chain. By making a contribution to rescuing plastic you are helping to build ethical recycling ecosystems in these communities while at the same time creating positive opportunities to earn and improve living standards for the people who collected it.

Offset Carbon
By buying from Binopolis you are helping to support the world's best accredited climate solutions. Our carbon offsetting projects include community initiatives such as funding new cookstoves in a project which helps rural households in Malawi to change from using traditional cooking fires (with poor safety and health impacts) to using cleaner, energy-efficient cookstoves. Each year, this reduces the use of wood for burning by an average of 100 bundles of wood per cookstove, which is equivalent to around 2.5 tonnes of carbon emissions. We also contribute to clean energy generation including wind and hydroelectric power in poorer communities. Each project is certified by leading standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard and the United Nations.


Our impact so far

We’ve been partnering with Greenspark since July 2023 and already our customers have helped us to achieve these positive impacts so far in only 9 months:

We’ve achieved 25.61 tonnes of CO2 offsets

which is equivalent to:

78,524 Miles driven in the average car.

25.32 Years worth of carbon savings from plant-based living.

We’ve collected 6,326 plastic bottles,

equivalent to:

253,040 Straws worth of plastic removed from landfill.

31,630 Disposable coffee cups worth of plastic saved from landfill.

We’ve planted 2,573 trees

equivalent to:

1.27 hectare of forest area planted.

29.228 tonnes of potential CO2 sequestered per year.

You can follow our impacts as they build through our supported projects here and thank you for contributing to these incredibly important initiatives by buying your bin from us. You’ll also have bought well when choosing our sustainable and durable products, which help you to recycle effectively and make an impact through your own household recycling.