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The Best Integrated Pull-Out Kitchen Bins for 500mm-Wide Cabinets

The Best Integrated Pull-Out Kitchen Bins for 500mm-Wide Cabinets

In-cupboard kitchen bins are only continuing to grow in popularity as more people become aware of their benefits, including freeing up floor space, maximising cabinet space and keeping waste out of sight. 

If you’re planning on installing an integrated pull-out bin into a 500mm-wide cupboard, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the best in-cupboard bins suitable for 500mm cabinets, perfect for helping you keep your kitchen super functional and looking great. 

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The Best In-Cupboard Kitchen Recycling Bins for 500mm-Wide Cabinets 

Integrated bins can be retro-fitted into your existing kitchen or incorporated into a new kitchen design. 

And if it’s a 500mm cabinet you want to turn into a kitchen bin, there are plenty of products that’ll help you do this. With a range of bins with varying depths, capacities and compartments, you’re sure to find a style suitable for your space. 

When seeking the right bin, you’ll also need to consider what kind of door your intended cupboard has: pull-out or hinged? Here, we discuss some of our best pull-out options, but you will also find a great selection of bins for 500mm-wide cabinets with hinged doors

All of our pull-out bins for 500mm cabinets come with soft close runners for smooth operation, ensuring your kitchen is decked out in the highest-quality products that prioritise function and durability. 

What Size Bin Do I Need For My 500mm-Wide Cabinet?

Your cupboard’s measurements (the width of the door and the cupboard’s internal depth, width and height) will largely dictate the size of your bin, but there are also some choices to be made in terms of capacity and the number of compartments. 

Bins in our section for 500mm pull-out doors need to fit to an internal cabinet width of between 462-468mm – in other words, a 500mm base unit made with 16-19mm material for the carcass sides. 

The internal depth (from the front inner edge to the back panel or wall) does vary across cabinet ranges and also across the bin models, so please measure your cabinet and check against the fitted dimensions of each product which you can find on the product page under ‘Specification’. You’ll also find the height of each product here.

We recommend going for the largest bin you can accommodate as you’ll have to empty it less frequently. Opting for a bin with more compartments will also help make recycling and sorting rubbish much easier. Our range of 500mm cabinet bins includes options with up to three handy compartments. 

Discover some of the best pull-out bins to install into a 500mm cupboard for a premium waste management solution. 

Wesco Pull-Out In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

Wesco is a well recognised brand, known for their colourful retro style freestanding bins as well as their expertly designed in-cupboard products. 

Wesco’s pull-out bin for 500mm cupboards needs to be fitted with the Blum Tandembox supplied, which has soft-close runners to give you easy access and facilitate smooth opening and closing. 

Wesco Pullboy-Z Bins

A bin from Wesco’s Pullboy-Z range is the ideal addition to any modern kitchen as it efficiently tucks away rubbish and allows you to easily sort waste. Their option for a kitchen cabinet with 500mm wide doors offers two generous compartments, perfect for the average household. 

The Wesco Pullboy-Z two-compartment 58L recycler offers plenty of capacity with two 32L durable plastic buckets. Like many of our products, the bin also comes with a steel lid, providing a handy additional storage space.

This product is also compatible with the Blum Servo Drive, (if you have a minimum internal depth of 520mm) which gives the bin automatic door opening with just a light touch – ideal for handle-less cabinets.

Wesco 2 compartment pullboy-z in-cupboard kitchen recycling bin 

Hailo Pull-Out In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

Hailo bins offer outstanding quality, helping ensure your kitchen stays clean and looking its best for years to come. Their diverse product range includes options for pull-out doors, hinged doors and under-sink cabinets. 

Hailo’s pull-out products incorporate Grass soft-close runners and are made from top-quality materials to ensure long-lasting functionality. 

Hailo Euro Cargo Bins

The Hailo Euro Cargo range provides precision design for seamless practicality in your kitchen. 

The Hailo Euro Cargo two-compartment 76L recycler combines two 38L dark grey buckets, offering plenty of capacity. The minimum internal fitting depth is 530mm and the solidly-built bin unit slides smoothly on  Grass Nova Pro soft-close full-extension runners, so you can be sure you’ll always have easy access. For increased accessibility, you can also pair this bin with a Libero Electronic Door Opener.

This range also includes an built-in laundry bin, making everyday chores more convenient and boosting the functionality of your kitchen. 

Hailo Euro Cargo two-compartment 76L recycler

Vauth-Sagel In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

Known for their space-saving solutions and quality designs, Vauth-Sagel produce a great range of precision-engineered in-cupboard bins. 

With the intention of making your kitchen more functional and, therefore, more comfortable, these products certainly deliver on their promises. 

Vauth-Sagel ES-Pro Bins

At the top end of the sizes in the ES-Pro range is the Vauth-Sagel Es-Pro two-compartment 70L recycler. With two generous 35L buckets, this bin packs in plenty of waste storage. Paired with easy-fit, over-extension runners with soft-close technology, this model provides effortless and quiet opening and closing. This model needs a minimum internal fitting depth of 515mm, and it uses most of the height of the cabinet.

This model is available in lava grey or silver grey, allowing you to choose the option that would better integrate into your space.

For more waste-sorting options Vauth-Sagel also make lower height models so if you wish to fit a bin below a drawer for example, the Vauth-Sagel Es-Pro three-compartment 46L recycler is ideal. The same sleek Es-Pro style incorporates three buckets with one 21L compartment and two 12.5L inner bins providing ample recycling space. This bin requires a minimum internal cabinet depth and height of 470mm.

Vauth-Sagel Es-Pro three-compartment 46L recycler

Gollinucci In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

As a well-established manufacturer of functional furnishing accessories, Gollinucci are perfectly positioned to produce kitchen bins with exceptional design. 

They offer a great variety of integrated products, including bins for pan drawers

Gollinucci Linea 580 Plus Bins

The Gollinucci Linea 580 Plus two-compartment 80L recycler is the largest capacity soft-close unit available for cabinets with 500mm-wide doors. This makes it the perfect solution for larger households that tend to produce more waste. 

This model is equipped with two dark grey 40L buckets that each have their own lid and carry handles to make emptying easier. This bin is also available with an overall lid that can be used with or without the individual lids, as well as functioning as a shelf to store liners. 

Gollinucci Linea 580 Plus two-compartment 80L recycler

Ninka In-Cupoard Kitchen Bins

Ninka offer a great selection of in-cupboard products, focusing on innovative designs and super-functional kitchen solutions.

Ninka One2Five

The Ninka One2Five two-compartment 64L recycler includes two large 32L compartments, soft-close runners and everything else you need to turn your 500mm cabinet into a hidden bin. 

This is typically used in cabinets with full height cupboard doors as you’ll require a minimum internal height of 600mm. You will also need to ensure the cabinet has a minimum internal depth of 503mm.

The top shelf covers the bins when the door is closed, also, functioning as a useful shelf for liners or cleaning products. It’s removable, allowing for easy cleaning.

Ninka One2Five two-compartment 64L recycler

Blanco In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

Blanco may be known for producing premium sinks and taps, but they also offer some fantastic in-cupboard bins to ensure your kitchen can enjoy unmatched functionality at every level. 

Blanco Select 50/2

The Blanco Select 50 two-compartment 38L recycler is the ideal product for more awkwardly sized spaces, like under sinks, for instance. This means it requires an internal height of 361mm and depth of 450mm. 

Complete with soft-close runners, two heavy duty 19L plastic compartments and a sheet steel lid, this bin is also often used as a space management system that helps you store under-sink cleaning or pet supplies more efficiently.  

Blanco Select 50 two-compartment 38L recycler

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect in-cupboard bin for your 500mm cabinet among some of these fantastic options. With such an expansive selection, there is something to suit every kitchen. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Binopolis team if you have any questions about our products. 

If you’ve made it this far only to realise you need a bin for a 600mm-wide cabinet, not to worry – head over to our guide to the best integrated pull-out kitchen bins for 600mm-wide cabinets to find out more.