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The Best Pull-Out Kitchen Bins for 400mm-Wide Cabinets

The Best Pull-Out Kitchen Bins for 400mm-Wide Cabinets

In-cupboard bins are ideal additions to modern kitchens because they help you maximise your space and keep your waste and recycling organised, all while keeping it concealed within a cabinet.

There are many ways to incorporate an integrated bin into your kitchen; perhaps surprisingly for some, in-cupboard bins can be retrofitted into current cabinets as well as added into new kitchen designs.

We stock an impressive range of in-cabinet kitchen bins to meet all our customers’ needs. Here, we turn our attention to the most suitable pull-out bins for 400mm-wide cabinets, just one of the sizes we accommodate for.

Buying guide to in-cupboard bins

Which Bin Do I Need for a 400mm-Wide Cabinet?

If you’ve got a 400mm-wide kitchen cabinet that you want to turn into a pull-out bin, you've certainly come to the right place. Among our range, we stock various brands, styles and bin capacities suitable for this cabinet width, as well as bins for 400mm-wide cabinets with hinged doors.

You’ll find products from 20 litres up to 64 litres and with single or multiple compartments, all equipped with detailed descriptions and measurements to help you choose the right bin for your cupboard.

You can find out more about how to fit in-cupboard bins and how to measure up for the correct fitting with our bin fitting guide.

How to install an in-cupboard bin

Vauth-Sagel Pull-Out In-Cupboard Bins

Vauth-Sagel are known for their precision designs and space-saving products, with a range of bins that make ideal discreet waste storage solutions.

Vauth-Sagel ES-Pro In-Cupboard Bin

The super-sleek Vauth-Sagel Es-Pro single compartment in-cupboard bin is available for 400mm-wide cabinets in a choice of two depths. You can choose from options that require either a minimum depth of 476mm or 515mm respectively.

Each bin comes with one large 44L bucket that is extra durable and covered by a steel lid that can act as a handy shelf for additional storage for things like bin liners. The side panels are also weighty steel and have a smart finish to contribute to the refined design.

The bin extends on soft close over-extension steel runners for smooth and quiet operation, providing a seamless experience.

This bin is available in various colourways, including lava grey and silver.

Vauth-Sagel ES-Pro In-Cupboard Bin

Gollinucci Pull-Out In-Cupboard Bins

When it comes to premium build and design, Gollinucci kitchen bins do not disappoint. They manufacture several in-cupboard products with a focus on functionality.

Gollinucci Linea 580 Plus Recycler

The Gollinucci Linea 580 Plus two-compartment recycler is another large capacity bin, with two equally-sized 29L compartments that provide a total of 58 litres. The bin includes individual plastic lids for each compartment and can be bought with or without an overall lid that covers the entire unit.

The minimum requirements for your cabinet’s dimensions include a depth of 458mm, an internal height of 456mm and an internal width of 362-368mm.

This product is equipped with soft-close runners for quiet closing, and is the only bin suitable for 400mm-wide cabinets that has these features along with two equally sized bin containers. This is because the efficient side panels are particularly slim and streamlined, meaning bin containers can fit across the width, ensuring two larger compartments can fit.

Gollinucci Linea 580 Plus Recycler

Hailo Pull-Out In-Cupboard Bins

Another recognisable brand, Hailo, offer a fantastic selection of in-cupboard products that are durable and reliable, excellent at keeping your kitchen clean and organised with ease.

Hailo Euro Cargo Recycler

The Hailo Euro Cargo two-compartment recycler provides plenty of capacity with 45 litres, consisting of a large 38L bin and smaller 7L compartment that is ideal for food waste.

The bin is fitted with full extension soft-close runners that allow for easy access. Fitting requirements include a minimum cabinet depth of 530mm, internal height of 545mm and internal width of 362-368mm.

When closed, the bin containers are covered by a sheet steel lid that also functions as a shelf for storing liners or other supplies.

Hailo Pull-Out In-Cupboard Bins

Ninka Pull-Out In-Cupboard Bins

To complete our collection of in-cupboard products, we also stock Ninka bins, including some fantastic innovative designs and convenient waste solutions.

Ninka One2Five Built-In Bin

The efficiently-designed Ninka One2Five single compartment bin is a great all-around waste solution, providing 42 litres of space in one large bin. This bin is suitable for cabinets with a minimum depth of 503mm, an internal height of at least 600mm and an internal width of 362-364mm.

Ninka are known for their quality designs and engineering expertise. Equipped with soft close runners and drawer sides for smooth operation and a cover plate that can double as a lid, this kit has everything you need.

For added convenience, all of the bin models with soft-close runners are also compatible with the Hailo Libero electronic door opener that provides automatic door opening.

Ninka One2Five Built-In Bin

As you can see, there are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from to ensure you can turn your 400mm cabinet into a wonderfully functional in-built hidden bin.

If you’re thinking of fitting a bin into a larger cabinet, we also have a guide to the best pull-out bins for 600mm cabinets.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Binopolis team if you have any further questions about the products shown here or those available on the rest of our site.