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The Best Integrated Kitchen Bins for 300mm-Wide Cabinets

The Best Integrated Kitchen Bins for 300mm-Wide Cabinets

Adding an integrated bin to your kitchen is a great choice. Not only does it allow you to keep your rubbish out of sight, but it’s also highly functional, making the most of your cupboard space.

When choosing an in-cupboard kitchen bin, it’s essential that you get the right measurements for your space. We have a wide range of models available for a selection of cupboards. You also need to differentiate between bins for cabinets with hinged doors (self-contained units fixed to the cabinet floor) and pull-out doors (fixed to the cupboard door and sides).

For a family kitchen, we often recommend our bins for 600mm cupboards, as these offer more space and won’t need to be emptied as often. However, if you’re a smaller household or just want to make the most of your space, these 300mm in-cupboard bins are a great choice.

Buying Guide to Kitchen Bin Sizes

Wesco Big Boy

Wesco is amongst the most popular brands on the market, their products known for their excellent quality and slightly retro style, and the Big Boy is one of their most in-demand models.

The Wesco Big Boy offers a perfect balance between style and functionality. Designed for cabinets with hinged doors, it’s a beautifully simple unit that uses ball bearing runners to slide in and out easily.

Like many of our models for hinged door cabinets, this unit comes fully assembled, ready to be simply fixed to the cabinet floor through the ‘legs’ of the steel frame. This style of product is a self-contained unit (not fixed to the cabinet sides) which means it can be fitted into larger cabinets, too, perhaps fixed toward one side so you can use the rest of the cabinet for other storage.

As another example of the flexibility in positioning this style of bin, it can be possible to fit two of these bins for 300mm cabinets into one 600mm hinged door cabinet: fitting two of these Big Boy 40L bins side by side creates a really generous 80-litre recycling station. These bins are also designed with a sturdy lid that sits on top of the frame, making it a useful shelf for liners and other products.

This bin is a single-compartment unit with a 40L capacity, which is high for bins in this category. While it doesn’t have multiple compartments for recycling, the single-compartment design is super easy to empty, making it a great general waste bin.

Wesco Big Boy in-cupboard bin

Wesco Big Bio Double

If you want a solution to separate out general waste and recycling, you might want to consider a two-compartment kitchen bin. The Wesco Big Bio Double is a model designed for a similar space to the Big Boy but with two compartments instead of one.

The Big Bio Double is one of our most popular multi-compartment bins for 300mm cupboards. This bin comes with a total capacity of 36L; the main 26L bin sits alongside a separate 10L bin that’s perfect for your recycling.

As with the Big Boy above, this model is designed for hinged doors and comes with smooth running for easy access, alongside a lid that can double as shelving for bin liners.

Wesco Big Bio Double in-cupboard bin

Wesco Bio Single

Another great option from Wesco is the Bio Single. This model is a single-compartment bin with a capacity of 32L, which is slightly lower than the Big Boy but is perfect for storing your recycling. The Bio Single bins have the shortest depth of all hinged door models, measuring 330mm front-to-back, so they can potentially fit some tricky spaces such as in front of or beside sink pipework: always check the product dimensions against your available space.

If you have spare space in your kitchen cupboards, the Bio Single can make for a perfect recycling solution. These models are also self-contained units fixed only to the cupboard floor, meaning they can be fitted into larger cabinets and allow space for other stuff alongside.

As with other models, the Bio Single has full extension ball bearing runners, making it easy to pull out the bin when needed. This model has a height of 570mm and comes with a lid for storing light items such as liners. If you have less height inside the cupboard, for example below a drawer, there’s also a smaller 26L option which is 470mm high.

Wesco Bio Single in-cupboard bin

Gollinucci Linea 580

If you have a cupboard with a pull-out door, the Gollinucci Linea 580 is one of the best models on the market. Based in Italy, Gollinucci is known for its simple but stylish designs that provide a modern touch to any kitchen.

The Linea 580 is a fantastic single-compartment bin for pull-out cupboards. It comes with a sizeable 40L container complete with a removable lid that fits on top and super convenient carry handles. This model is also available with an additional cabinet-wide shelf to fix just above the bin, great for extra storage and creating an extra barrier against odours: perfect for dining or open-plan kitchens. For added luxury, the Grass soft-close runners ensure smooth and easy use.

It’s worth noting that this bin requires a minimum internal depth of 502mm. Be sure to check the measurements of your cupboard against those required on our product pages before making any purchases.

​Gollinucci Linea 580 in-cupboard bin

Vauth Sagel ES Pro

If you want another pull-out cupboard option to consider, we recommend the ES-Pro by Vauth-Sagel. Made in Germany, Vauth-Sagel’s bins are known for their excellent functionality and reliability.

This model has a main 32L bin and an additional 1.2L container which you can use for storing cleaning items or liners.

The ES-Pro comes with stylish steel side panels and incredibly reliable steel soft-close runners for a luxury feel. This bin also comes with a separate steel lid which is fixed to the inside of the cupboard, doubling as an additional storage shelf and acting as an effective baffle against odours.

Note that this model requires a minimum internal height of 570mm and a depth of 480mm. This bin is also available in both grey and silver, depending on your style.

Vauth Sagel Es Pro in-cupboard bin

Need Some Advice?

We have a vast selection of in-cupboard bins for all spaces and styles. If you’re unsure about what bin is suitable for your kitchen, don’t worry - we’re here to help!

Our blog is full of helpful tips for you to discover, and for further expert guidance please see our Buying Guide to In Cupboard Kitchen Bins. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch. We’re a small team of experts here in the UK, so whether you want help with measurements or are unsure which type of bin you need, we’re always happy to help.