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Our latest range of In-cupboard kitchen bins: the Hailo Synchro Range

Our latest range of In-cupboard kitchen bins: the Hailo Synchro Range

New, exceptionally smooth soft-close runners make the Cargo Synchro range the latest addition to the Hailo Synchro Range of in-cupboard bins, with the premium design and build quality our customers love.

While five of the models are designed to potentially fit under sinks, two other new models are taller but bring large capacity single compartments into your choice of options. Here is the new the Hailo Synchro range explained.

New single compartment, 55 litre extra large pull-out bin

Our selection of Cargo Synchro bins includes a brand new and very useful configuration: a single extra large 55 litre inner container, with a fitted height of 544mm, for cabinets with an external width of 450mm; internal width 412-418mm. This huge capacity in a single inner bin has been asked for by our customers for years and we are pleased to bring it to you. Two fitted in two 450mm cabinets would get storage of recycling and waste for a large family sorted. Hailo Cargo Synchro Single Compartment 55L Bin.

The second single compartment CArgo Synchro model has one inner bin of 30 litre capacity, for cabinets with an external width of 300mm (internal width 262-268mm). Hailo Cargo Synchro Single Compartment 30 Litre bin.

All of the Cargo Synchro bins have a neat fitted depth of 405mm, so can fit in front of pipework or where you have a shorter depth unit.

New range for under sinks or drawers

The other five Cargo Synchro bins in our range are designed with sink units in mind, with an installed height of 424mm and an installed depth of just 405mm. The bins are available from 450 to 600 mm cabinets (measured across the door) with a side wall thickness of 16 to 19 mm: the fitting is self-adjusting. Of course all sink installations are different, but if you have a minimum of 424mm height under your sink and pipework you should be able to fit these models.

If you can specify the sink plumbing early enough in your fit-out, asking your plumber to position the U Bend toward the back of the cabinet will also make it more possible to fit these 405mm deep bins, because they are designed with the potential to fit in front of pipework as well as below it.

The five 424mm high, 405mm deep models in the range are:

450mm cabinet: 

Hailo Cargo Synchro 2 Compartment 36L Recycler - two 18 Litre compartments.

500mm cabinet:

Hailo Cargo Synchro 2 Compartment 46L Recycler - one 28 Litre and one 18 Litre compartment 

Hailo Cargo Synchro 3 Compartment 44L Recycler - one 18 Litre and two 13 Litre compartments (one with a lid - ideal for food waste)

600mm cabinet:

Hailo Cargo Synchro 2 Compartment 56L Recycler - two 28 Litre compartments

Hailo Cargo Synchro 3 Compartment 54L Recycler - one 28 Litre and two 13 Litre compartments (one with a lid - ideal for food waste

Smart design, plus extra storage on the lid

All metal and plastic parts are slate grey, matched to give a sleek overall look. The cabinet-wide lid is topped by an anti-slip rubber mat, and as the lid slides out independently of the bins it can be pulled out for easy access to liners, cleaning materials and other items you may want to store on top.

Easy and quick to fit

The side wall installation is extremely easy and is clearly set out on the fitting instructions supplied, which are also a scale template giving drilling positions for the fixings. 

As the frame components are bayonet mounted and the entire system can easily be detached from the runners, it is particularly quick to install and remove. 

And finally, the Cargo Synchro range not only gives you a sleek, convenient receptacle for your recycling, it’s also durable. Like all Hailo systems, the innovation was subjected to the standard "100,000 times in-and-out" test, with a full load and the door attached.