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ECO in-cupboard bins: maximise your cabinet space and match your bins to your recycling scheme

ECO in-cupboard bins: maximise your cabinet space and match your bins to your recycling scheme

The kitchen bin is used an average of 32 times a day in family life and is key to keeping the kitchen neat and organised. Now with the added demands of dealing with the the recycling, without cluttering the kitchen space, integrated in-cupboard bins offer an effective solution to the separation and storage of food waste, recyclables and general waste, all in one stylish and durable unit hidden away in a cabinet.

Why choose an ECO in-cupboard bin?

The beautifully effective ECO range is a superb choice to add to your kitchen, robustly built from the best quality components, and specifically designed to maximise the internal cabinet space, creating some unique configurations of compartments. 

Across the ECO range, which has models for 400, 450, 500 and 600mm wide base units, the models respond to frequent requests from our customers for a neat, built-in bin solution to the growing need to separate food waste. More local authorities are adding food waste to their recycling collections and customers can no longer put the food waste in with the normal rubbish. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a compost heap or bin it’s also useful to be able to separate and hide away the food waste in the kitchen before taking it outside.

As an example some of the ECO models include a caddy with lid which can be stored in the top of one of the main bin containers, creating a 3-compartment bin solution in the same cabinet space normally used for two bins. Other models include an 8 litre container with a Bio filter lid. 

ECO 3-compartment 82l Integrated kitchen recycling bin

What do our Customers Say?

One of our latest Feefo customer reviews for the ECO 82L model gives the product 5 stars and saysThe choice of the bin inserts is very good, allowing you to tailor your purchase to your precise requirements. The quality of the item is excellent and you certainly get what you pay for. Very pleased.

What Models are in the ECO Range?

ECO models are available for cabinets with pull-out doors from 400 to 600mm wide. All need a minimum fitting depth (from the back of the door to the back panel or wall) of 503mm. Here is a brief description of the models: 

ECO in-cupboard bins for 400mm pull-out door cabinets (internal width 362-364mm) 

There are two models for a 400mm cabinet:

    ECO in-cupboard bins for 450mm pull-out door cabinets (internal width 412-414mm)

    • ECO 3-Compartment 68L Recycler with Food Caddy: 450mm Door. This 3 compartment bin has two large 32 litre bins plus a 4.2 litre food caddy with lid, which hooks over the side of one of the bins and can be used on the worktop.

    ECO in-cupboard bins for 500mm pull-out door cabinets (internal width 462-464mm)

    • ECO 3-Compartment 68L Recycler with Food Caddy: 500mm Door. This 3 compartment bin provides two large 32 litre bins and also a 4.2 litre food caddy with lid, which be used on the worktop and stored in the top of one of the 32L containers.

    ECO in-cupboard bins for 600mm pull-out door cabinets (internal width 562-564mm)

    ECO 3-compartment 82 litre integrated kitchen recycling bin

    There are three models to choose from for a 600mm cabinet:

    • ECO 3-Compartment 82L Recycler: 600mm Door. The unique 82 litre model has been created to provide a solution for a very common set of recycling needs: the largest bin for recyclables, a large bin for waste and a caddy for food waste. To mirror this set of needs, the ECO 82L model has one extra large 42 litre bin, one large 32 litre bin and 8 litre container complete with a well-fitting lid incorporating a coir fibre filter to absorb odours.
    • ECO 3-Compartment 88L Recycler with Food Caddy: 600mm Door. This model provides 88 litres of waste and recycling space in two extra large 42 Litre compartments and comes with a separate 4.2 litre food caddy. The food caddy has a lid and can be stored in the top of one of the bins or on the counter top.
    • ECO 4-Compartment 80L Recycler: 600mm Door. This model has two large 32 litre bin compartments plus two 8 litre bins, one of which comes with a Bio filter lid so is ideal for food waste.

    Who makes the ECO range of bins?

    ECO has been created using best elements from two leading European manufacturers: Ninka bins from Germany and Blum runner technology from Austria. Ninka's inner bin containers are particularly durable in thick plastic with strong double handles containing glass fibre, and Blum’s world leading Blumotion soft-close runners combine load strength with smooth running and silent closing.

    How do you fit an ECO bin?

    The careful design of the ECO range extends to thoughtful simplification of the fitting process: all models are supplied with the steel side panels and frame already assembled, ready to simply slide onto the soft-close runners. At Binopolis we provide thorough fitting notes for our customers buying the ECO bins and whether you’re a good DIY-er or in the kitchen trade, you’ll find the ECO bins quick and efficient to fit.

    Installing an ECO Integrated Kitchen bin

    Can ECO bins work with hands-free opening?

    The ECO bins are supplied with top quality Blum sift-close runners meaning that even the largest capacity bins will pull out easily, and will run smoothly when you give them a light push to close, softly completing the last few cm of the closure of the door. So if your cabinet has a central handle or J-groove to pull open you’re door, you’re all set to turn your cabinet into a soft-closing bin unit.

    If you’d like hands-free opening for your cabinet, all ECO models offer the opportunity to add some optional hands free opening systems, including a pedal and electronic opening which work with nearly all cabinets.

    Additionally some ECO models, including the 82L for 600 cabinet, can be used in conjunction with the Blum Servo-Drive electric opening system, which needs more depth at the rear of the cabinet behind the runners: a minimum depth of 523mm is required.

    Take a look at the door opening systems here on Binopolis

    Make your kitchen recycling easier by installing one of our ECO bins - see the full selection here.