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The Best Multi-Compartment Freestanding Kitchen Recycling Bins

The Best Multi-Compartment Freestanding Kitchen Recycling Bins

Freestanding bins can be a stylish addition to your kitchen; they complement your other appliances and are designed to fit maximum capacity into a neat footprint, minimising the floor space they take up.

Of course, they are also incredibly functional, especially when you choose a multi-compartment kitchen bin that gives you several ways to store and sort recycling and rubbish. We have a fantastic selection of bins in this category and have highlighted some of our favourites below.

The Benefits of Multi-Compartment Kitchen Bins

Freestanding bins, whether they have a single or multiple compartments, come in a vast array of styles, sizes and with different opening methods so we are sure to have a bin that suits your needs.

Many of our freestanding bins provide a sleek look for your kitchen, seamlessly adding to the practicality and melding with the design of the space. These bins come in an array of colours, too, so you can make a statement or go for a discreet look, depending on your preference.

Kitchen recyclers with multi-compartments also have the added bonus of making recycling and sorting waste more convenient. With the option of two or three compartments housed in compact units, you can easily segregate different kinds of rubbish and recycling, with many bins also coming with separate caddies for food waste.

the best freestanding single compartment bin

Joseph Joseph Multi-Compartment Kitchen Bins

Joseph Joseph creates products that are designed to ensure you can keep your kitchen clean, tidy and as functional as possible.

This includes offering a great range of three-compartment recycling bins that would make a useful addition to any household.

Joseph Joseph 3-Compartment Totem Recycling Bins

The brilliant, compact design of the Joseph Joseph three-compartment Totem compact recycling bin takes up minimal floor space (no more than a standard bin) yet houses three compartments to provide a total capacity of 60L.

The top 30L compartment is ideal for general waste or recycling and also includes a removable 3L food waste caddy that can be emptied easily and stored on countertops if needed.

The second 30L compartment is on a set of wheels and functions as a drawer that can be easily removed from the main unit (see the image below) and held back in place with a magnetic catch to make the most of the bin’s vertical design. The food caddy can also be stored in this bottom bin.

A Joseph Joseph Totem bin in graphite

You will also find a more compact version of this bin that offers a generous 40L capacity, in a neat unit with two 20L compartments and a 3L removable food caddy.

The minimal design of the steel body means the Totem will look at home in any modern kitchen. The Totem is available in a choice of finishes across the two sizes: stainless steel and a range of tough powder coated finish colours, including black, graphite and stone.

A Joseph Joseph Totem bin in graphite

Brabantia Multi-Compartment Kitchen Bins

Brabantia are industry leaders and are known for creating stylish bins that not only look great but also increase the practicality of your kitchen. We stock several of their single and multi-compartment designs.

Brabantia Bo Touch Kitchen Recycling Bins

The Brabantia 60L Bo Touch bins have a smart silhouette and recognisable design, making it an unobtrusive yet confidently stylish addition to your space. The main steel body of each model is easy to wipe clean, maintaining a sleek look. The durable plastic lid on each bin is also easy to clean and will open softly and quietly with a light touch, staying open until you’re ready to press it closed.

There are several options in this range, with the larger capacity bins offering 60L with two 30L inner buckets for sorting waste.

For additional storage options, you could also opt for a three-compartment 36L touch bin. The design of these bins is slightly different as the main body of the bin is shorter, so it is raised on a set of stable legs that give it its distinct cabinet-like look.

These shorter models contain 33 litres with three 11L inner compartments. You will also find this shorter design available with two compartments and 34 litres of total capacity.

The Bo Hi Touch offers a similar design and features of the bins already mentioned but provides 60 litres of capacity along with the legs that give you a bit of extra height and add to the overall stylish character of the bin. All the bins in this range have two compartments, with each inner bin providing 30 litres of capacity.

You can choose from various colours across these models, with standard options like black and steel along 

A blue Brabantia bin

Brabantia Bo Pedal Kitchen Recycling Bins

If you are intrigued by the style of the above bins but would prefer a hands-free option, the Brabantia Bo Pedal opening version is the one for you.

This range has many of the same features as the Bo Touch, with the addition of a foot pedal with super-light operation rather than a touch lid. Like the Touch range, you find two-compartment models with options for 60 litres and the shorter bin with 34 litres. Three compartment 33L bins are also available for increased waste management options.

A silver Brabantia pedal bin

Wesco Multi-Compartment Kitchen Bins

Wesco are another recognisable brand, known for their in-cupboard kitchen bins and stylish retro-look freestanding bins.

We stock a brilliant selection of their two-compartment recycling bins.

Wesco Big Double Boy 2-Compartment Recycling Bins

The Wesco Big Double bin offers a rectangular silhouette with a stainless steel soft-close lid and pedal to ensure smooth operation.

Each bin contains 36 litres with two 18L buckets that allow for instant waste segregation. This model is perfectly engineered with durable materials, so you can keep your kitchen looking great for as long as possible.

You can choose from a range of colours, including black, white, almond and red.

A red  Wesco Big Double Boy

Wesco i-Master Sensor 2-Compartment Recycling Bins

If you’re after that classic Wesco look, another potential option is the Wesco i-Master Sensor. This has a similar look as the classic pedal bins but uses sensor technology to provide effortless bin opening. With just a wave of your hands, the lid will open and then close automatically when you are finished.

This bin provides 40 litres with two 20L durable plastic inner bins, giving you plenty of room for all your waste and recycling.

Available colours in this range include black, white, cool grey, graphite and sand.

Wesco i-Master Sensor bin

Hopefully, you have discovered the perfect bin for your kitchen among our diverse range of multi-compartment recyclers. If you need a bit more advice on purchasing the right product, head over to our buying guide to kitchen recycling bins.

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