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How to Maximise Your Bin Storage

How to Maximise Your Bin Storage

The kitchen has several purposes, often making it the heart or central hub of the household. We cook, clean, socialise, work and store waste here, and because the kitchen caters to so many everyday needs, it must be functional and as easy as possible to keep clean, hygienic and looking great.

Functional living is at its best when you can make the most of the space you have, utilising smart storage solutions without compromising on design. One of the most important things to consider in this regard is how you can maximise bin storage.

Waste and recycling bins are essential kitchen features, but you don’t necessarily want your rubbish on full display. There are several ways you can store this while keeping it out of sight and ensuring that no corner of your kitchen is being wasted.

the best kitchen bins and recyclers from the brands

In-Cupboard Kitchen Bins

Integrated kitchen bins are becoming more and more popular. In fact, recent industry research concluded that concealed bins were among the top 10 kitchen features that homeowners couldn’t live without.

We also find that many customers want the value that in-cupboard bins can provide so much that they will re-organise their existing cupboard space to free up the room they need for a bin.

Expertly-designed in-cupboard bins help you save floor space while keeping waste hidden away. At Binopolis, we stock an extensive range of integrated bins, available for different cupboard sizes and cabinet door types, along with options with various compartments. You’ll also find products for under-sink cupboards and pan drawers, meaning you can find a solution for your space, no matter its layout or style.

Integrated bins can be retrofitted into existing kitchen cupboards or planned into new spaces. When designing a new kitchen, try to allocate a large enough cupboard space in the right location to ensure peak functionality.

Check out our guide to the best integrated bins for 600mm cabinets for an overview of some of the fantastic products on offer.

A grey Vauth-Sagel in-cupboard kitchen bin

Storage Shelves for Integrated Bins

Integrated bins fit snugly into your cupboard, making the absolute most of the space you have available. To offer an even more practical experience, many of our in-cupboard bin products also come with lids that can act as handy storage shelves.

This means you can keep everything in one place, storing bin liners or cleaning products within reach and maximising the entire cupboard.

A Vauth-Sagel in-cupboard bin with storage shelf storing liners and a cleaning brush

Freestanding Kitchen Bins

If you have limited cupboard space, an integrated bin might not be possible, but this does not mean there aren’t plenty of great space-maximising storage solutions to embrace, especially if you have an available bit of floor space or an underused nook.

Modern freestanding recycling bins for kitchens come in countless designs, colours and sizes, with slimline and compact models that pack in a perhaps surprising level of capacity.

The kind of freestanding bin you choose will likely depend on your floor plan and the amount of waste you produce. Among our freestanding range, you will find some wonderfully stylish bins that can be used as a design feature in their own right, complementing your other appliances and contributing to a cohesive kitchen design.

A gold Brabantia bin in a modern kitchen

Multiple Recycling Compartments

Another way to maximise waste storage is by choosing bins with multiple compartments that allow you to sort recycling with ease.

A unit that houses several buckets offers ultimate convenience and keeps all your waste in one area while saving space that might’ve been taken up with a number of separate bins.

Both in-cupboard and freestanding bins are available with multiple compartments, providing an ideal solution for any household looking for an efficient way to recycle.

Something like the Hailo Euro Cargo 90L recycler with four compartments packs in plenty of storage options and can be discreetly tucked away behind a cabinet door.

Hailo Euro Cargo 90L recycler with four compartments

Alternatively, if a multi-compartment integrated bin isn’t right for you, take a look at our range of multiple-compartment freestanding recycling bins, available in a selection of styles and shapes.

A woman emptying a black Joseph Joseph Totem Max recycling bin

Food Waste Bins

Within many of our multi-compartment bins, you get a food waste bucket, adding to the convenience of having everything in one place. Again, a dedicated food waste bin makes sorting and recycling easier and can also be more hygienic, with many of the bins coming with filtered lids that help reduce unpleasant odours.

Another great way to manage food waste and maximise space is with an inset worktop bin, where the opening sits flush with your countertop, and the bin container sits into the cupboard space below.

Someone removing their food caddy from a multiple compartment bin

Consider Kitchen Layout

When deciding on the best bin for your space, consider the layout of your kitchen and how you use it. Practicality and functionality will likely be your top consideration – research has shown that 60% of homeowners would prioritise functionality in their next kitchen or redesign, with other high priorities being smarter storage solutions and better overall layout.

Choosing the right location for your bin can contribute to the successful execution of all of these considerations. Ensure you locate your bin in the best spot by reading our guide on where to put a bin in a kitchen.

Your layout and available space will also largely contribute to the size of bin you choose. We usually recommend opting for the largest bin you can accommodate as this means you won’t have to empty it as frequently. Head over to our buying guide or bin sizes to find out more about what size bin you need.

A red Brabantia bin in dark kitchen

Ultimately, finding a kitchen waste storage solution that’s right for you and your space is essential. Many of our products will help embrace these tips to maximise your storage space. Shop the Binopolis range now or get in touch with our knowledgeable team to find out more about a particular product.