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The Best Kitchen Recycling Bins

The Best Kitchen Recycling Bins

There’s a lot that goes into making a home as pleasant and inviting as possible. Have you considered the difference that the perfect bin can make to your home or kitchen?

Recycling is hugely important for all of us as we try to make a difference in supporting our planet. With more and more recycling, the number of different bins people need is increasing.

Here at Binopolis, we stock a wide selection of 2 and 3 compartment kitchen recycling bins. Our models all come from the biggest and best brands, meaning they not only look great but are made with high-quality materials that will last for years.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite models, to help you make the best choice for your home.

The best kitchen bins and recyclers from the best brands

Brabantia Bo Pedal Bin

Brabantia has been one of the most popular brands for home bins for many years. Their range is full of sleek and effective designs that compliment any interior.

One of Brabantia’s most popular models is the Brabantia Bo, a design that perfectly balances style and functionality. The rounded design with steel body looks elegant but with a stylish, retro twist. Just as importantly, it maximises capacity on the inside, with two or three-compartment versions available.

The Brabantia Bo comes in a selection of styles. The Bo Touch and Bo Pedal offer different opening methods to suit you, while the Bo Hi comes with stylish legs which offer a bit of extra height and easier access.

Brabantia Touch Bin

Brabantia also offer a more traditional option with their Touch range of stainless steel kitchen bins. These versatile designs look great in any kitchen and come with quick and easy touch-opening lids.

We have various capacities available, each offering something slightly different. Two of our most popular are the 60-litre Brabantia Bo Touch, which comes with two equal-sized compartments, and a smaller 34-litre version which stands on its own legs.

Brabantia Touch kitchen recycling bin

Wesco Big Double Bin

Another hugely popular brand on our site is Wesco. With a history dating back to 1867, they’re instantly noticeable for their eye-catching, retro-inspired designs, especially when it comes to freestanding bins.

One of our most popular recycling bins is the Wesco Big Double Master. This compact design comes with a generous 40-litre capacity, split across two compartments. You could have one for waste and another for recycling, or use it to split your plastics and paper.

The Wesco Big Double Master has a stainless steel build including a butterfly lid that drastically reduces the open height of the bin. The butterfly lid, combined with a front pedal and back-fitted wheels make this bin perfect for storing waste under counters.

This model is available in multiple colours, but our most popular is the black version, which looks incredibly stylish with the red Wesco logo featuring on the front of the design.

Wesco Big Double Master kitchen recycling bin

Joseph Joseph Totem 60L

One of our favourite UK-based brands, Joseph Joseph, offer a fantastic selection of contemporary and minimalist designs that look great in any modern kitchen. Their sleek designs always have functionality at their heart, creating bins that not only look good but are incredibly functional, perfect for everyday convenience.

If you don’t have much floor space in your kitchen but want or need a freestanding bin, the Totem by Joseph Joseph might be the perfect model for you.

Despite not taking up more floor space than a regular bin, this model comes with two sizeable 30-litre buckets, one sitting on top of the other. As the Totem is designed to use vertical space, it’s extra height means that the top bucket sits nicely alongside your counters and is easily accessed whenever you’re cooking or cleaning.

The Totem comes with a small food waste caddy that sits in the top bucket. This means that the Totem could be enough for all your waste and recycling needs on its own, keeping your waste organised in one place.

This bin also comes with wheels on the bottom bucket for easy removal, a convenient touch lid for the top bucket, and built-in odour control through a charcoal filter. It’s a fantastic and convenient choice for family kitchens.

Joseph Joseph Totem Max recycling bin

Integrated Kitchen Recycling Bins

Of course, when it comes to your recycling, you’re not limited to freestanding bins. Here at Binopolis, we offer a huge selection of in-cupboard kitchen bins with multiple compartments. Whether you want to turn a base cupboard or a pull-out drawer into a bin or find a simple option for your recycling, see below some of our most popular models.

Hafele Recycling Bin

If you want to maximise your cupboard space, the two-compartment recycling bin by Hafele is a great choice. This simple, functional design fits into cupboards with hinged doors by screwing into the cabinet’s base, and comes with a steel lid that can serve as storage for bin liners and other items.

Hafele 2 compartment recycling bin

Ninka One2Five Recycling Bin

If you are looking to turn a cupboard with a pull-out door into storage for your recycling, one of our most popular ranges is the Ninka One2Five. These bins are available for cabinets from 400mm upwards, but our best seller is the model for 600mm cabinets which comes with two generous, robust 42 litre compartments that maximise your cabinet space and is completed with strong soft-close runners that give this bin a luxury feel.

Ninka One2Five recycler

Wesco Shorty Waste Bin

Another option you might want to consider for your recycling is an under sink bin. These smaller in-cupboard models are perfect for fitting into otherwise unused space, providing a neat solution for your recycling. Please check the space you have around pipework and any other fixed elements – the dimensions of all models can be found under the Specification on each product page.

The Wesco Shorty waste bin offers a compact solution for under-sink cupboards. This model comes with two 15-litre bins and a plastic lid that can be used to store liners. It’s a great solution for food waste alongside something like packaging.

Wesco Shorty low-level 2 compartment recycler

Which Bin is Right for Me?

As you can see, there are many different options available when it comes to recycling bins, which can make it hard to choose.

Our advice is always to make sure you choose a bin that’s large enough for your needs. If you want more advice, check out our dedicated guide to bin sizes.

After you’ve decided which size bin you need, it’s just a case of picking what will work in your space and to help you sort and separate out your recycling and waste in a way that works for you . We have a huge range of different sizes and styles available, and all our models come with detailed specifications so you can be sure you’ve found the perfect one for you.

If you are still unsure which bin is right for you, our blog is full of useful guides to help you decide. Alternatively, why not get in touch with our expert team? We’re always happy to help answer any questions you might have.